By Vinita Basu

Awareness plays an instrumental role in determining the success of any online venture and to spread information, you must make effective use of advertising and marketing tools. One of the strategies which you can employ to introduce your business on the global platform entails publishing articles and blogs related to the product or service. That said, crafting these requires quite a bit of talent which everyone may not have and that is why a viable alternative is to search for websites which offer them in lieu of a fee.

With budget constraints having become all too common, focus should be on seeking options that would provide quality content without costing a fortune. With the intention of assisting you in this quest, following is a compilation of unbiased website reviews –

Article Sale – One of the first points that would strike you after having accessed the website is the ease of navigation thanks to self-explanatory headings and clear instructions. For a writer who wishes to sell articles, the process is as simple as uploading his work, setting a price and waiting for a buyer to respond. Likewise, all that a prospective buyer is required to do is search for written work that best describes his business and make an outright purchase. Monetary transactions are routed through PayPal and as long as you are comfortable with WordPress, it is just a matter of creating an account and setting the wheels in motion.


Topic Bay – Although a fledgling as compared to its competitors, this entity takes pride in offering a variety of content to buyers. In addition to articles and blogs, there is provision for translation and transcription, thus rendering it as an ideal option for people who require all types of writing. While its drawback of not being able to process payments on time is something that writers find extremely demoralizing, the saving grace is the numerous tips and tricks that ensue from debates and discussions conducted within forums.

Ghost Bloggers – Blogging is believed to have evolved in response to a sense of instant gratification which Internet users seek. Sporting a casual tone, this form of writing is particularly appealing to online surfers who can easily identify with its informal style as opposed to the academic touch that defines articles. So if you wish to popularize your venture through a series of well-written and informative blogs, then exploring this specialized service should feature high on your agenda.

Popular Secret – Quality is the foremost concern at this writing outfit which segregates articles on the basis of niche. Parameters of grading employed by this service are a little different from its counterparts in the sense that current topics are preferred and a lot of emphasis is placed on originality, grammar and structure. Therefore, if you are in search of something unique, this option might well prove to be the answer provided there are articles available under the topic of your choice.

Comparison shopping is the way to go while checking these websites and while budget might be a concern, settling for the cheapest is also not recommended. The best way of going about the task is to balance quality with price so that your target customers enjoy reading the informative and interesting content without you having crossed budgetary limits.

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