Essential Oils – What’s the Big Deal


Just what are essential oils, anyway? Are they the stuff you add to your bone broth powder to make a tasty soup like olive oil or oregano oil? If you thought that question was a bit off the mark, then you’ll probably appreciate the following statement: Essential oils aren’t what most people think, though their premise might sound a bit funny. They’re actually a big deal and have many benefits to offer their users. Here’s the real low-down on essential oils and why they’re so important.

They’re Not Really Oils at All

According to the Crunch Betty website, essential oils aren’t actually oils at all. They contain the essence of the oil and its healing and/ or medicinal properties. The site describes these oils as the plant’s soul or life force.

Essential Oils Last a Long Time

These oils can provide you with benefit for up to five years. The best ones work for up to 10 years. They remain potent for that time if they are store correctly.

They Can Help You Get Better

These oils are often natural anti-fungals, anti-bacterial, anti-bad-for-you. This explains why people use them to make homemade cleaners that are devoid of the harmful chemicals found in cleaners at your local supermarket. Some of the best ones for these are tea tree, rosemary, and eucalyptus. While we jokingly referred to bone broth powder at the outset of this article, the fact of the matter is, these oils along with other natural remedies like bone broth, fresh fruits and vegetables, and homeopathic medicine can help you bolster your health naturally.

However, despite how good they are for you, essential oils cannot be taken internally. So make sure that your health regiment is properly ordered. Only consume things that are for consuming internally (like the veggies and the bone broth.) Leave the rest on the outside of your body. It needs it, too.

Essential Oils Also Make You Smart

As if essential oils didn’t already have a number of advantages, the oil of rosemary is supposed to be especially kind to the brain. One study even went as far to say that this essential oil influences cognition in a positive way.

They Repel Pests

Many people like to use essential oils to keep pests and bugs away from their homes and gardens, according to The site points out that some plants like the peppermint plant or the Douglas fir rarely attracts insects and animals. This is due to the oils that they excrete, which these critters find unpalatable to say the least. Additionally, the plants that make these oils are smart: They have been known to alter the make-up of the oils they excrete to confuse pests from year to year. Imagine what good this sort of product could do in your garden or other areas of your yard or home that are prone to getting bugs.

But Good Bugs Like Them

Some plants from which essential oils get made are actually plants that bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects like. The scent of these plants encourages these pollinators to thrive in your garden.

You Don’t Need Very Large Doses to Get the Benefits

The Whole Foods Market website reminds us that you only need a couple of drops of essential oils to get the benefits. And in fact, you should always use them with another carrier oil for the best effect. Essential oils are so strong, they shouldn’t be applied to the skin directly. Rather they need to be mixed with their carrier oils and used sparingly to give you the most benefit without causing you harm.

However, if used correctly, you can clear your mind, relax your body, and put yourself in a more proper frame of mind so that you can do your tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Last Thoughts on Essential Oils

By now, you can probably see the number of benefits you can get by using essential oils. From saving your yard from garden pests to helping you breathe better when you have a cold, these droplets are literally tiny powerhouses of health. When you combine their use with an overall regiment of good health, you’ll find your mental process and attitudes improve and your stress levels go down.

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