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Brown Rice – All You Need to Know About it


What Is Brown Rice And What Are The Benefits?

brown-rice-cakes-figs-01Brown rice is a great, natural alternative to white rice. It is a whole, natural grain and is much more nutritious then white rice as it has only had its outer husk removed. By only removing the outer husk the bran and germ layer are left in place and because of this it retains many more vitamins and dietary minerals when compared to white rice. It is also much higher in magnesium then white rice and is relatively low in sodium.

Traditionally in most parts of Asia, because of its nutritional benefits it was given to the sick and elderly and was also commonly used as a cure for constipation. It wasn’t eaten much by the general population as it was considered a food for times of poverty and war time shortages. Today it is a replacement for white rice in the diets of many health conscious people around the world.

Buying Brown Rice

English: Par cooked brown rice.

English: Par cooked brown rice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It can be purchased in most if not all supermarkets around the globe. It is slightly more expensive then standard rice because of its relatively low supply and can be quite difficult for distributors to store. As with all foods you should always opt for the organic option if one can be found in your local supermarket.

Storing Brown Rice

It can be stored at room temperature under normal procedures for around 6 months but by placing it in an air tight storage medium and putting it the fridge or even freezing it you will extend its shelf life dramatically.

Cooking Brown Rice

Before cooking your rice it should be soaked for 24 hours in warm water and rinsed, however If your under time constraints just a thorough rinse under warm water will be fine.

It takes a little longer to cook then white rice, it can take from 30 to 45 minuets to be ready. 1 cup of brown rice requires around 2-3 cups of water. You can replace the water with chicken or vegetable stock to add some extra flavor.

It can be cooked either on your stove top or in a standard electric rice cooker.

Eating Brown Rice

It works well with anything white rice does. It’s quite chewy compared to white rice and has a mild nutty flavor that goes very well with chicken. Brown rice is slow to digest and because of this people often include it in their breakfast to give them a slow release of energy during the day.

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