Life takes on the form of the dominant emotional thought pattern of the individual. If I was to make reference to finding jobs in Kenya, I would say your search for jobs will unfold in the precise format of the dominant thoughts you hold without doubt or consistently about finding a job.

That statement elicits a lot of debate with two extreme schools of thought. One school says it is simply impossible for they have experienced things they have never even thought of. The other school of thought says, yes, it is an absolute truth, and in fact we are the absolute makers of all the experiences we face. Everything we go through includi download (3)ng natural disasters and wars are all our fault.

I wasn’t always keen on the study of personal awareness until I decided I was tired of living mediocre and of having just enough results. Then I started to ask questions and I was soon face to face with the reality of Mind Mastery as a surprising truth.

I nevertheless do not belong to either school of thought, for each school ignores plenty in order to hold their position. I however will not enter into the debate for that is not the point of this article. What I will assure you though is one thing; that you do have a significant role in shaping the results of your life and you power that role through your mind.

What you give consistent attention to in your mind will come to you

Your contribution to your life rests squarely on your ability to harness your thought world. God (whoever you perceive Him or It to be) is perfectly consistent, clear and simple and the only variant is man himself. Therefore, if following the Law, you keep your part of the deal, the part of the Divine is always assured.

If you keep thoughts of ‘there are no jobs in Kenya’ primary on your mind, then no jobs in Kenya can come to you.

In direct contrast is that, if you keep thoughts of ‘there is a job available for me in Kenya’ primary on your mind, a job will make itself available for you right here in Kenya.

I really do not care to understand how that works, in much the same way that I do not care to understand how water through a turbine transforms to the light bulb in my room. All I know is that it works all the time, with precision.

There is heavy interplay between your daily thoughts and your daily results. That Law works all of the time for all people everywhere, no matter what their faith, colour, political affiliation or linguistic community is.

Mind Mastery is a skill like driving or playing a musical instrument

I have met enough people to know that there is a large population on the streets in every corner of this country that want to convince others that Mind Mimages (1)astery is a teaching of some foreign religions.

I would agree with them if we did not have a linguistic equivalent in our local languages which for me always effectively negates that ‘foreign anything’ that we so enjoy in Kenya. There are common references to the power of the mind in all Kenyan linguistic communities, and in Kiswahili too.

Mind mastery is a human skill, much like learning how to ride a bicycle or play a musical instrument. You repeat the actions, and repeat, and repeat them until they become second nature. Then we say you now know how to ride a bicycle or play the guitar.

That is why the practice or discipline of Mind Mastery should be of primary significance to you if you are serious about finding jobs in Kenya. You will not win on the outside, if your mind is in a state of ‘not winning’.

May your personal plan to finding jobs in Kenya be successful!

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