Gemini Lunar Ecipse – Authentic Power

We have a Gemini Lunar Eclipse on November 28. This is our last eclipse in 2012 and the final Gemini eclipse until June 2020. We have a loud noisy party going on. The planets, asteroids and stars are engaged in multiple conversations. There is a massive amount of information being shared. However, it is wise to use our discernment in what is relevant, useful and what can be ignored.

Many people are feeling that we have just survived a severely intense Scorpio cycle. We are rising out of the dark and into the dawn of the new day. Freedom loving, optimistic and expansive Sagittarius is revealing glimpses of our bright future on the horizon.

The Gemini Lunar eclipse is an opposition between the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (unconsciousness.) Oppositions create awareness’s that come to us externally. We can own our power and take responsibility for our choices and behavior. Or, we can project our patterns, our unconscious aspects of Self onto other people. We are at choice. The more we practice conscious awareness. We will see that the Law of Attraction matches our thoughts and feelings.

In other words, the evolved soul recognizes that we create our reality from our thoughts and feelings. Humanity collectively creates our shared reality. This is the mass consciousness. On the other hand, people who are negative and constant complainers. They will not recognize that they too are creating their reality only unconsciously.

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse will move into the shadow of the Earth for a few hours. The Moon has no light of its own. The light it reflects is from the Sun. During the Lunar Eclipse the Moon will be in the dark. This pulls us deep inside of Self. The Gemini Eclipse gives us the opportunity to go to the core of our being and discover who we truly are. We can live from our playful, joyful and authentic nature.

Authentic power comes from our true essence, heart and fortitude. You are a powerful creator. Using our focused intention on what we desire to manifest, build and/or create. We can make our dreams real. The universe will support our highest good and the highest good for all concerned, for instance:

♠What are your next best steps?

♠What are your heart’s desires?

♠What will strengthen you financially?

♠What will build your inner power, passion, creativity and Love?

♠What will increase your health, well-being, vitality and Joy?

Venus, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio during the Eclipse. Reminding us that as we emerge out of Scorpio’s ashes of the past. We are completing our 3D (third dimension) karma, karmic relationships and karmic initiations until 2013. We are processing pain, trust issues and betrayals. Yet, these negative emotions will fade into the mist with no lingering memories. As we move higher in vibration. We will be free from these ancient haunting happenings.

“Memories of unpleasant experiences will eventually fade completely into the background of your consciousness, and in time be forgotten. Often the only thing that keeps them in your minds is the pain and distress experienced but once in the higher vibrations you will cease to bring them back.” ~ SaLuSa, Mike Quinsey

There is a Yod, a (Finger of God) pointing towards the Gemini Moon. The divine lovers Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn are sextile (pleasant opportunity). Venus and Mars are the legs in the Yod. The touchdown point of the Yod is the Moon. God is pointing at the Moon. The Yod message is that we are to live from our heart. Having an open heart heals Self and others. The ego tells us that it is not safe to live from love. If we do other people will take advantage of us. Or worse, people will make fools of us. That is the 3D limited thinking. The past does not equal the future. We are awakening. We are evolving. We are the new human being. We all desire to feel safe, secure, loved and respected. We are one human family. All Are One ~ Oneness Consciousness. We can nurture Self and others.

♥Is it time for love and partnership?

♥Is it time to expand in a new direction?

♥If money was not a concern for you, what would you be doing?

Saturn in Scorpio is showing us our weakest links. For instance, where have we been cutting corners? Saturn in Scorpio can reveal the ugly truth concerning a person, job, relationship and/or situation. What are we ignoring? Where are we out of our integrity? Saturn is the master teacher, supreme builder and judge. She will give us the step-by-step instructions to achieve lasting success and security. However, Saturn always exacts a price. There is a cost with Saturn. For instance, Saturn requires our integrity. Saturn demands patience, perseverance and determination to reach our goals.

Saturn is the final dispositor of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. In other words, Saturn is the planet that the rest of the planets “answer” to. She is like the final arbiter in a dispute. This is how we determine the Eclipse dispositor. We start with our Gemini Moon. Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Pluto and Mars are in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Therefore, the final dispositor is Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn says “The buck stops here.” How much are we willing to invest in time, energy and money to reach our dreams? Are we willing to give it a hundred and ten percent? Saturn in Scorpio needs to know. Failure is not an option with Saturn. Mediocre is barely tolerated with Saturn. Hard work, sacrifice and commitment pay big dividends with Saturn.

The Gemini Eclipse encourages us is to release the past. Let go of what no longer serves our soul evolution. This can be a job, relationship, beliefs and living location. We want to release our intense focus on illusory things – the worries and anxieties of daily living. This includes our own inadequacies. We can accept life the way it is by practicing the Law of Detachment:

Law of Detachment:

1) When it begins (relationship, job and situation) it is always right.

2) Who shows up is exactly who needs to be there.

3) What happens is the only thing that could have happened.

4) When it is done. It is done.

We are transiting through the last of the water and fire signs, Scorpio and Sagittarius. We are at the part of our journey where we are to achieve Self mastery over the lower ego emotions. Scorpio rules emotional truth. Sagittarius is the cosmic truth teller. The celestial message is to live by our truth, heart and our authentic nature. This creates inner peace. Our inner peace builds outer peace in our life and world.

You are a powerful creator. We create our reality with our thoughts and feelings. Be the magician. Create inner peace to replace anxiety and fear. Merlin the magician teaches us to use our heart, mind and emotions to create what we desire. This empowers us to turn water into wine. We can achieve our goals in 2012 and 2013. What are you creating?

The Gemini Eclipse is reminding us to celebrate our lives. We are heroes for being here at humanity’s and Earth’s graduation 12.21.12. The courage it takes for people to be willing to go through massive changes and growth in their lives is commendable. Life’s journey in 3D holds cycles of pain, stress, delays and frustration. Yet, if we expand our consciousness, we can rise above the negativity. We can begin to see that life can be pleasantly surprising. In the most wonderful ways, life gives us passion, JOY, and exhilaration beyond our wildest dreams. There is much to celebrate. You are awesome.

“Take a walk in the brisk autumn air. Celebrate the seasonal changes you see around you as you celebrate the changes within you. There is much to celebrate.” ~ Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

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