Welcome back, to the Goodbye to Stress series and today we will discuss “Balancing out Stress”

Are you a w dcerorkaholic?
Are you finding time to do the other things that matter?
Do you have enough joy and fun in your life?
Are you spending enough time with your spouse / partner or with your family?

Now consider the life components that are: –
1. Work, Career and Networking
2. Education and Self-development
3. Home (House improvement projects, garden and etc)
4. Family and relationships
5. Health and Fitness
6. Spiritual
7. Financial management
8. Relaxation and socializing with friends

The next question in which there is no right or wrong answer is what percentage of the pie does each of these life components best supports the way you want to live your life?

For each component now compile: –
1. Current % spent
2. Current priority (1 – Top, 8-Bottom)
3. Desired % spent
4. Desired priority (1 – Top, 8-Bottom)
The Current % spent needs to total 100% and Desired spent needs to total to 100% also.

Is it what you expected it to be? This is getting the work – life balance question identified, examined and resolved by you.

Let us now analyse some of these results in relation to stress. The items in my opinion that would relieve or fortify you from stress are – health and fitness, spiritual, relaxation and socializing with friends, home, family and relationships, education and self-development, and finally networking. Are you focusing enough time on these?

On the other hand the likely items in my experience that are likely to cause stress are – work and career, finances, and maybe relationship issues. How much of your valuable time do these consume? How are you managing these? Do you let the issues that eventually becomes stress consume most of your timef?

A practical solution is to observe and measure the Life Components: –
1. Cause stress
2. Relieve stress
3. Neutral

With these measurements compile how much of your time is “Cause Stress”, how much “Relieve Stress” and how much is Neutral. You will need to obtain measurements for a period of time 1-2 weeks so you can determine the “average” situation for you.

Now that you have these measurements you are now in a position the act decisively with the best plan forward.

You can now “balance” the situation by putting into place goals and strategies:
1. To minimize the “Cause Stress” or solutions to lessen the stress.
2. To spend more time to maximize the “Relief Stress” components

E.g. suppose the two “Causes of Stress” are work and finances that consume 60% of my time and the two “Relieve Stress” components are playing with the kids and socializing with friends for 20%, and the rest take up the remaining 20%. The strategies could be:

1. Find the root causes of Stress in work and finance and deal with them effectively by putting positive energy in the plan forward. This is likely to reduce the 60% to say 50% and also reduce the impact of the stress on you.
2. Add the extra 10% to “Relieve Stress” – either add to kid time or socializing OR add it to say Health and Fitness which would be of great benefit

In conclusion this is another effective process to use and I will discuss other self-mastery techniques in more detail in the coming series.

I am Tony Neale a professionally certified senior Project manager, certified NLP master / trainer, International Federation of Coaches member, and a certified ThetaHealing teacher. I have a WebSite http://thetahealingmelb.com where we offer products and services such as unique Theta Meditation digital download or the CD, seminars, and we offer consultations for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, life coaching and other health products. We also do one on one consultations.

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