Guest Writer: Author of “The Forever Girl” Series – Rebecca Hamilton

Robert JR asks the author of “The Forever Girl” series, Rebecca Hamilton:  “How did you find the time to write your series?”


How I found time to write my series…

Finding time to write the first book was easy. I made a few hours every night after the kids were in bed to write. Even revisions and editing were fair enough. I traded critiques and revised during the day and, again, wrote at night. But continuing on with the series? That was where things got tricky. Now I don’t just have projects to edit and write, but I also have to worry about marketing the first book.

The solution is easy enough for someone who does well with schedules and sticking to them. I am not one of those people. I make schedules, but I am rarely able to stick to them. That said, even for me, the non-schedule-friendly-type, prioritizing and scheduling has helped.

The first thing I did was prioritize my goals, set some reasonable deadlines, and outline a schedule. I then got myself a great little day planner and at the end of each day, I check my schedule and see what’s on the list, along with making notes of any other things I need to do that day.

For example, on the first of every month, I do my accounting (for myself and for my publishing house). Certain days and times of the week I devote to writing. Other days and times I devote to editing. I also set aside time for critiquing the work of my writing partners. I even set aside time (a lot of time, admittedly) for social media. Connecting with my readers has been one of the best things I could’ve done, and I hope to keep that up, even as my schedule gets more demanding.

All of these things had to be factored in AROUND my family’s schedule. First on the list I have to consider school hours (getting my oldest on and off the bus. Then I have to factor in my daughter’s gymnastics (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). Around that, we have Autism/PDDNOS/behavioral therapy for my two sons. We schedule doctor appointments around those events.

My daytime efforts ALL have to be interrupt-able, because two of my kids are still home all day. That means whatever I am doing, I have to be able to stop to give them my attention when they need/want it. I also have to make time to prepare their meals and feed them, bathe them, take them outside to play, and have quick breaks to read them stories, snuggle them on the couch, or dance to television show theme songs (or even just put on the radio). Also, my daughter sometimes wants my help practicing her gymnastics (yes, she’s obsessed!).

Sleep probably doesn’t get the priority on my list that it should. Sometimes I end up not getting work done because the kids take a nap and I just need to take one too. My heavy eyelids can’t resist the opportunity. Boy, I’m getting old, huh?

As much as I’d love to spend all day reading and watching TV (I have scheduled time for those activities as well), I can’t. And all this is a huge struggle for me because I hate schedules and often fall off the wagon into my usual chaos. But I just pick myself up again, dust myself off, and get back to it.

So I wouldn’t say it’s so much that I found the time to write the series. More that I’m MAKING the time to write a series. It’s not easy. At times, it’s even stressful. But I can’t not do it. The story has to be told.


Rebecca Hamilton

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