is happy to interview Matthew Martino, author, actor, and entrepreneur.

It’s great to interview such a dynamic personality, lets start with your aviation experiences. What inspired Lets Fly?

Matthew-54Lets Fly was inspired just by my realization that there wasn’t enough of free resources or information readily available for trainee pilots and people that possessed the flight dream. When I started reading towards being a pilot I found all the books a bit too much to take on so this inspired Lets Fly to bring a more accessible and tangible resource to aspiring pilots.

Can you tell us about your aviation experience?

My aviation experience has seen me go through the Cessna 152’s right into a Robinson R44, All I can say is I enjoy being in the skies and I absolutely love the opportunity of being able to experience the various landmarks from thousands of feet above sea level. Although being afraid of heights has never made the final approach any easier but I’ve learnt to manage.

Your book “Go For It” guides us through some tough entrepreneurial decisions, and some harsh realities. Can you share one with us?

go_for_itAbsolutely Go For It doesn’t only bring out the good in business but it raises hell and also highlights the consequences of going about it the wrong way. Well one harsh reality I have seen about business is – You have to hire people who are smarter than you then get out of their way . Let them bring those results home – give them an opportunity to drive the business to new heights.

You’ve created an APP as well, can you tell us about that also?

I had forgotten about that App , Lets Fly App was my debut reach out into the technological world as I wanted to provide a more virtual alternative to Lets Fly Pilot Manual so this App contains information about general flying knowledge, some exams and it also has some general advise as well pictures of aircraft. The App is available on the iTunes AppStore.

You’ve also done some modelling, and film work, what was that like?

Yes – back in the day I believe I did conquer the catwalk (I wish I did). I personally love modelling – I’ve had times where I’m on a train or even a flight and I get up and model in the cabin, My little sister says to me why do you walk funny she doesn’t realise it’s in the blood. Film work is just another interesting experience. I’ve now slow down my acting to concentrate on producing which I am loving so very much . I get to meet talented actors and film crew everyday- I couldn’t ask for more.

Do you plan on writing any further books?

mm_showWriting some more … I’m not feeling the energy if I must be honest although I have so many ideas of novels and some fictional books but at times these ideas will stay in my head unless I get an eager co-writer.

Where can we get copies of your books?

Copies of my books are available just about anywhere. Both Lets Fly and Go For It are on Kindle and Paperback. Go For It is available from various bookstores and Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other online retailers.

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