As people step in the challenges of life it will mainly transform them from different demands as they grow up molding them to be a better person with their different experiences in life.

Highly sensitive person will be subject to different stresses as well as difficulties accompanied by it. But, they are able to adjust with such stresses as they are learning to cope with them.

In the stage of infancy and childhood, it will take a hard time controlling because high sensitivity is present from birth. Without being aware with the child’s condition, the parents treat their infants and children as to be highly demanding individual without recognizing their real need. As they grow up, the child will set up their minds that they are difficult to handle and that their parents do not want them anymore.

Highly sensitive children may require developing abilities and manage those skills to uplift themselves. This idea will be helpful to avoid them from being highly stimulated with events. They can use molding abilities such as drawing.

When a person reaches teenage life, it would be more comfortable for them to turn their attention to peers rather than the family they grow up. Highly sensitive teenagers will gain security with their social friends and develop their social life along with them. In this stage, it would be more on learning social life in their society they are in rather than digging up problems at home. They find themselves outrageous enough overcoming problems when they are with their friends and just laughing around and having a party all night long. Peers are also helpful with highly sensitive persons since they can gain confidence within themselves. It is because of peer influence that they can show what they are like volunteering themselves to organizations together with friends.

At the age of mid-thirties, a highly sensitive person will be more focus on the task that they need to be done in their society as well as their role they need to develop. They need to be more equip on what is happening in the community they are living. By this age of their life, the individual will learn about their practical abilities that are highly important to their work as well as related emotional skills in caring with themselves and others especially family members and friends. They are now capable in dealing with responsibilities in life.

With this stage, highly sensitive person has to prove to themselves that they have the ability to know more about the demands of the community they are living as well as to be more productive as a member of a community.

When a person reaches the age of 60s, it will require such mastery of what they are doing and be able to cope up more with the stresses brought by so many experiences and circumstances overcome through their life. For them it would be more about of mastering their personal thoughts within themselves as well as their needs.

Isabella Pedersen blogs about highly sensitive people over at Highly Sensitive Person HQ where you can also find another article about Highly Sensitive Person through Life Span.

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