How Does Stress Affect Health Series – Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears and Your Breathing Problems

Answers to the question ‘How does stress affect health’ are provided by clues given by your own physical body temple.

Your life depends on your ability to draw clean air containing healthy oxygen into your lungs. If you have breathing problems, start piecing together the c rlues beginning from that basic fact.

Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears and Heal Your Body Possible Causes of Breathing Problems

Some possible dimensions of health and wellness causes of breathing problems include:

*** fear of being alive

*** not feeling the right to take up space or even exist

*** fear or refusal to take in life fully

Louise Hay Affirmations To Help You Create Vibratory Stress Relief For Breathing Problems

It is my birthright to live life fully and freely. I am worth loving. I now choose to live life fully.

Effects of Stress on the Body, Dimensions of Health and Wellness Pointers

***** Take special care to nurture yourself in meaningful, being-in-touch with you ways

Write your morning pages regularly so as to ‘dump’ subconscious fears, worries and concerns

If you miss your morning pages or find yourself with a free 10-15 minute break, take out your journal to write down feelings, insights gained during the day, thoughts, worries and concerns you want to follow up during your inner time

Use your writing to get in touch with your emotions at a deep gut and Soul level

***** Gift yourself with frequent building emotional wellness release time:

Denied emotions are often the source of stress. Develop a regular practice of releasing your emotions in a private, safe space

Regular release of your denied emotions is an increasingly critical life skill because zapping denied emotions helps you to powerfully release outdated and limiting personal values, beliefs, fears, habitual thought and feeling patterns

***** Take good care of yourself and work closely with your doctor and other health care professionals

Use your medication as prescribed to help you stay comfortable and healthy

Use elevated pillows for breathing problems especially when sleeping at night

Work out a healthy exercise schedule with your doctor and create inspiring ways that work to help you stay motivated and exercising! ;-) This is all part of loving yourself, loving all of you into wellness and balances

Digging up denied emotions that hold you back from being free of the past is not easy. It takes total commitment to wanting to live a life that is free from fear and that fully expresses who you are.

To develop familiarity, confidence and mastery in using vibratory stress relief techniques to help you release the effects of stress on your body, you can practice these techniques in a safe, guided and simple one hour monthly group format.

Just request the free newsletter from the links below then join the special “Inner Power Hour” monthly group teleconference.

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