What is Karma? My understanding was that if I wasn’t good, something called karma would strike me after death. If I did something bad enough, I may even come back next lifetime as a cockroach or be born with serious birth affects. One day I came across a more encompassing definition like the one from Wikipedia (below that describes Karma simply as an action or deed that causes a cycle of cause and effect). In life’s experience, one can see the principle of cause and effect acted out in various manners within our average day. What we place attention on from the moment we awake to the time we sleep plays a role in how our day will blossom. We may begin our day an downloadgry and before we know it, we get stuck in traffic, we miss our first appointment and now the rest of the day is a hellish debate over spilt milk or a crooked deck. When we are stressed and the sense of wanting to escape our situation is present, we can use the principle of cause and effect to help us figure out what previous actions we had taken might be relevant to winding up where we have found ourselves. It does require that you do take a look.

Karma (Sanskrit] in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect, originating in ancient India and treated in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh religions

The idea that Karma is something that is both beyond our control and is also connected to our entire life dramas is a little imprisoning. The idea that ’cause and effect’ becomes the mirror we can use to unlock a cycle is empowering. We must only see how we can be present with the strength of a concept (group of ideas) and in applying it with just a few other universal principals. These principles are the Universal Laws of Polarity, Vibration and Rhythm. These and other Laws will help us formulate a different context to any situation we could possibly imagine having to do with cause and effect and Karma. The Law of Polarity simply gives us options in knowing that all things have their polar opposites and extremes of the same thing. The Law of Rhythm helps us to understand the power that alchemy has played and can play (either way) in essentially defragging your bio-computer. The Law of Vibration shows us that all of our thoughts are THINGS, that we are only aware of the thought or idea that is vibrating at the time and that there are scales that measure radiance within all forms including spirit and matter. Further, many can only concentrate on ONE thought at a time (usually containing less than 150 bits of information). While some contemporaries believe in that number under 150 bits limitation, I challenge it, as a formulation of ideas becomes a concept and with a more potent concentration, synthesizes the awareness of the data across a larger number of cells. Ultimately we are growing our antennas for clearer reception of incoming knowledge and impressions from the spirit.

Here is the ‘Beauty in the Beast’ part of understanding Karma more comprehensively. If your belief about Karma is limited to an understanding of Karma as “This lifetime is a ‘sentence’ placed upon me for acts of a previous lifetime”, there are courses, counseling, coaching and consulting resources you can enroll in immediately that can help you out of prison (so to speak). I suggest and help clients to discover lifestyle changes, programs and resources to ‘Make Their Break’! If this is the Idea you have of Karma, that you are somehow ‘sentenced’, you ARE a “VICTIM”, GET HELP immediately! (Be careful thoughdd, most prisoners will be hesitant to leave their friends behind). If you are of the Belief that Karma is within the spectrum of ‘everyday life’ and though perhaps encouraged by spiritual and/or physical genetic factors, YOU ARE one of the Lucky Ones that have the dance of life. You enjoy what some call ‘normal’ brain activity. You have the ability to use your reasoning capacity (or LEARNED how) to access by logic or reflection the host of experiences and/or behaviors you recognize will empower you to make different choices NOW! Today!

If you are one who ‘KNOWs there are NO Victims’, though are stressed by life, either not living up to your potential or have any kind of health related, career or relationship problem or concern… I saw a quote on Facebook the other day that said “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” -Confucius, followed by another that said ” “To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant” (I finally found the way to explain how one cannot afford to discount Self Improvement, Self Development, Self Education or YES “Self HELP”). Whomever the teachers or leaders of today are for you, they are the ‘Master of Masters’ use them wisely, learn and keep growing. Either way, this is our coming to the earth to… ‘be what we’ve come here for’.

Copyright (c) 2012 Bryan Ridgley

Bryan is a Professional Performance, Fitness and Wellness Educator, Author and Speaker. He currently resides in Southern California and is available for both personal and group trainings in Transformative Living, Structure/Function Management, Fitness and Molecular Hydration. Follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bryan_ridgley or Facebook at http://facebook.com/bryanridgley

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