By Anne Perez

When I first started writing articles and blog posts to promote my business I found it very difficult to express myself. As a trained teacher I found it easier to “teach” rather than add my own personality into the piece of work I was creating.

Over time I realized that the writing I generated, although sound in fact, was dry and impersonal and not so interesting to the reader. When you read content by someone who’s found their voice there’s a certain ring to it. You can read their passion and love for what they do in their writing. The process of ‘finding my voice’ in my writing is an ongoing one but I thought I would share some pointers with you that may help if you’re new to writing.

Begin by writing about what you are passionate about

If you’re a beauty therapist and are passionate about makeup in particular, write and publish several articles on the topic.

Ask yourself: What’s a topic that people ask me about and that I could talk about for hours and hours? What do you think about that gets you excited and motivated? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Start with what you’re really passionate about. It’ll come through in your voice.


Use your own language: your natural way of speaking

As long as you’re professional be yourself in your writing. Don’t think that no one is interested in what you have to say! Don’t try to copy how others write about your topic. Express yourself. Your opinion does count and others are interested in reading what you have to say. You may be surprised how many people share the same opinion as you and are looking for others to speak out.

When you’re writing an article, a blog post or a piece of offline marketing material try to write as if you were speaking to one person. In your business who are you trying to help? Picture a typical customer or a customer you would like to have and write to them. Write naturally, in a casual yet self-expressed and passionate manner.

Care about the Reader

Have you ever read a piece of content and thought that the writer really cares about what they are writing? That they are writing to you and want to help you succeed. That’s the best piece of writing. A big difference to the piece of writing by someone who is just writing for the sake of promoting their business, who has little thought for their reader.

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