I can’t do it. I can’t call up someone I don’t know to see if they want to purchase something from me. It’s simply not in my gene pool. So how do I work around that fear to further my business?

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There is always another path, another way to climb the mountain. You just have to look for it. I am a loner. I am not comfortable at networking events. I am not even very comfortable calling up someone I don’t know very well – unless I can reframe it into a win-win situation for both of us.

The importance of alliances

I know how important alliances are. For someone who works alone, I am always uplifted when I interact with a respected colleague or in a master mind environment. It makes sense for me to attract more of those nourishing situations into my life. So I am going to set up some joint ventures. Very small ones, but JV’s just the same.

I have a podcast site. It is languishing in the ether waiting for me to take care of it. What better way than to contact some of the powerful people I have met during the last year or so and suggest we do a short interview! We might even fix it so we take turns and interview each other. Then we each have the interview for our respective web sites and podcasts and we get to know a bit more about each other in the process. We have upped our friendship into collaborating colleagues!

A friend in England asked me to write an article for his blog endorsing a product that he thought was useful but did not use. We both put affiliate links in the article and it was win for both of us. I am not a household name in England yet, but it’s a start.

Another acquaintance in a joint learning environment discovered my writing skills were needed for some of his clients. As we work together we see new ways to help each other expand our respective businessimages (59)es.

Look for small ways to deepen a relationship.

Play outside your comfort zone

Here’s something that is easy. 80% of your sales come from 20% of your list. So would you feel comfortable establishing a deeper relationship with people who have already indicated they are interested in your work by signing up on your list?

I hold a monthly free Success Magnets Self Mastery Call. It attracts both new people and people I have worked with or been with in other environments. It’s a mastermind of sorts. I have a topic but we also see what’s up for the people that show up on the call. And I do a bit of coaching. People get to know me and see what I can do. So once again, I’ve found a way to connect to others without my calling someone I don’t know.

Reframe it

I can’t sell anything to anyone but I can help them understand its value so they can make an informed decision. So now, my outreach is focused on writing articles that educate. My conversations are about learning what the other person needs and seeing if what I do would help them reach their destination. Forget selling. Think about helping. That certainly feels better to me.

Be creative

The purpose of our marketing is to make new friends, to reach new people. Look at what is comfortable for you and find your own personal shortcut.

Cold calling can be avoided if you get creative and set your mind to it!

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