By Gary Shane 

So you’re seeking out information on how you can earn an income by writing blogs and promoting products through affiliate links, etc. To be truthful, making money through writing blogs is not as easy as just writing a blog and watching as the money comes rolling in. There are plenty of articles on this very subject that will lead you to believe that all you have to do are follow their simple Secrets, but to be honest some work and some don’t, and the ones that do are not secrets at all.

There are no money making secrets for making money through blog writing. All the information is out there for free for the most part. Of course there are informational strategies or formulas that are used but they are certainly no secret and yes in time you should make money consistently.


You just have to read a lot of information on the subject to be able to decipher the good from the bad and implement a system such as writing and selling ebooks, affiliate marketing, etc, and sometimes you’ll stumble.

First things first. Do you think have what it takes to be able to sit down and write and publish high quality articles ranging anywhere from 500 – 800 words every few days about subjects you know enough about. Because if think you’re going to earn a living by having just a handful of blogs, don’t quit your day job just yet.

If you haven’t read much yet on the subject you’ll soon be confused by all the contradicting information. You can literally read an endless library of opposing viewpoints with respect to writing blogs. But like everything there are simple rules to follow.

Take the time to understand and verify the information you read. Don’t just read one article written by someone and think that’s the way it is. Trust me, after you’ve absorbed enough information and used it, you’ll start to be able to filter out the good from the bad.

Keep this in mind. The information you have read or listen to or viewed is produced by people like you and me. There really are no official fact checkers to verify the information you read is true or not. except for the readers. For the most part, bloggers are pretty well self – policed and they are at least read by good directories.

Making good money through blogging is possible. People do it everyday. But it takes a lot of work. Do your work, stay the course and don’t become discouraged and you can find financial freedom. While I don’t claim to be a top leading expert in this field, I do know enough and I care enough to hope that you read a lot about the art of blogging and how to make money with your blog and the art of blogging for dollars.

Remember to only invest in a program that you feel may benefit you and your goals and watch out for get rich quick programs that make outrageous promises of making your dreams come true virtually overnight.

Now, just take a deep breath and go for it.

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