How Your Right Brain Can Help You Relieve the Stress & Fear of Hard Times & Transitions

When you’re in the midst of transition and feeling really scared, know this:

When you are feeling afraid it’s because you are relying on what’s happened before to direct the course of your journey. Getting caught up in the det errails, you are reacting from the left hemisphere of your brain. Memories held there will dredge up every emotion also stored there that has anything to do with the current situation. The next thing you know overwhelm and anxiety take over.

In order to take charge of your life and the intention you are holding for a new state of being, forget everything you think you know. Breathe deeply for as many breaths as you can count and remind yourself, that right now, in this moment you are safe.

The more you can stay in the present moment the more powerful your decision making process will become. As you slow down and are able to relax, you open up the channels that allow you to receive.

If you want to receive new insights, ways of doing and being that don’t align with the discomfort you’ve been feeling you need to be able to receive new insights.

On a profound level, the anxiety may be more about the fear of repeating old patterns by being in that space instead of in the new space. The new space, for many people, really is just the present moment.

Most people have lived the greater part of their lives in the future or the past and only in rare moments have experienced the bliss of being fully embodied, fully present.

Exercise, playing with children, doing something creative, these activities have the power to activate the present moment within. All great art also has this ability to stir the senses to such a degree there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

In the moment you have access to a state of being that is disconnected from the past and thoroughly connected with the “anything is possible” state of being. This is your access to the right hemisphere of your brain, peace of mind and your very own 24/7 personal channel of inspiration.

So, especially in times of transition, you have the opportunity to cultivate this life skill, this form of mental mastery that makes everything feel more worthwhile.

Beyond the transition, you will find there are no ordinary moments. Everything expands in its potential to feel fulfilling as you cultivate and expand your capacity to receive by dedicating yourself to being fully present, no matter what.

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