Increase Clickthrough Conversion


Are you interested in joining a pay per click program? If you

are, are you interested in being an affiliate or are you looking

to have your advertisements displayed? Whichever way you are

looking to participate in an affiliate program, it is important

that you familiarize yourself with click throughs. Click

throughs are an important part of pay per click advertising,

whether your ads are the ones being advertised or not.

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If you are unfamiliar with pay per click programs and how they

operate, you may also be unfamiliar with click throughs. In a

pay per click program, an advertisements will be displayed on a

website, owned by a participating pay per click affiliate.

Although advertisers hope that their ads will be clicked on all

the time, the reality is that they aren’t. There are many

interenet users who visit a web page and never click on any

advertisements. Whether or not an ad is being clicked on and

how often that is occurring is important to a pay per click

program. That is where click through comes from. Click throughs

are when a visitor actually clicks on an advertisement. The

overall rate or total of click throughs are referred to a CTR

(click through rate).

If you are a pay per click program affiliate, a webmaster who

has agreed to display applicable advertisements, you need to aim

for a high CTR. The number of click throughs that you receive

is extremely important to you. In fact, it will ultimately have

an impact on how much money you make. With pay per click

programs, advertisers only have to pay for advertisements when

one of their advertisements has been clicked. If they do not

have to pay, you don’t get paid. Therefore, as a pay per click

affiliate, you should be hoping for a high CTR.

Speaking of hoping, hoping is not all that you can do. In fact,

as a pay per click program affiliate, you actually have a large

say in your CTR. Although you cannot control which of your site

visitors or how many of them click on your advertisements, you

can make it easier for them to do so. It has been said, on


multiple occasions, that to be successful all advertisements

need to be displayed above the fold. When it comes to a web

page, below the fold is referring to the part of a website that

you cannot see. You do not want your site visitors to have to

scroll down just to see your advertisements. You want them to

be able to see them and hopefully click on them as soon as your

website appears on their screen. Making it easy to click your

ads is one of the best ways to increase your CTR.

Although pay per click program affiliates have the most control

of click throughs, you also have a little bit control, even if

you are just considered an advertiser. When signing up for a

pay per click program, you get to choose and essentially bid on

keywords that you would like associated with your

advertisements. These keywords need to be carefully chosen, as

they will ultimately have an impact on the success of your

advertisements and their click through rates.

For the best success, you will want to choose keywords that are

used. If internet users are searching for crib bedding and you

sell nursery supplies, you may want to use “crib bedding,” as

one of your keywords. When it comes to nursery supplies, crib

bedding is one of the most searched phrases. If you give

internet users what they are looking for, they will likely take

it, or in this sense click on one of your advertisements.


In short, click through rates, also known as CTRs, are an

important part of pay per click advertising programs. Whether

you are an advertiser or an affiliate, you should keep an eye on

your average click through rates; they ultimate decided whether

or not you make money.

To your success,


P.S. Whether you are a pay per click affiliate or advertiser,

you can easily track and improve your click through rate.

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