Internet Marketing Tips – The Overflowing Plate

By Steven Wagenheim

This is an article that I think a lot of people can relate to. In fact, the overflowing plate is something that I sometimes suffer from as well. Want to know what it is and how to avoid it? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

I have a confession to make. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. But don’t we all? I mean let’s be honest. Don’t we all feel that we are like Superman and can do everything we want with no problem at all and no consequences for taking on too much?

There are days when I feel like I can do 100 things in eight hours. Sometimes I actually come very close. I’ve been told I’m a workaholic. Maybe I am. Certainly today I am going to be. Want to know why? Let me give you an idea of what my day is going to be like?


For starters, I just finished writing a newsletter for my list. I do this newsletter three days a week. I am now writing this article and will write two other articles before the day is over. But that’s nothing. I’m just beginning my work day.

I have a new partnership starting up with another marketer. This afternoon, I will be looking through some of my old products to see if we can get any ideas from some of them as to where we want to go with this partnership. I’ll be sending my new partner a lot of stuff to go over. But I’m still not done.

Because of some advice I was given a few days ago at the Warrior Forum, I have decided to explore Kindle publishing. Now, I have no idea of whether or not this is going to pan out as it’s something I’ve never done before, but I plan on giving it a go. That means I have to learn everything about Kindle that I can if I’m going to have any prayer of being successful with it.

Oh, but there’s more. I recently wrote a “how to” book on Magic the Gathering. It’s a collectible card game. I am in the process of building a list for it and promoting it. To do this, I spend a lot of time over at MTG Salvation Forum making a lot of posts. I may hit 10,000 by the time I’m a three year member. We’ll have to wait and see.

There you go. That’s everything that’s on my plate right now. Think that’s overflowing enough? I’d say it is. I’d also go as far as to say that I might crash and burn before I ever see all those things come to fruition. I mean let’s face it… I’m NO Superman.

And thus we come to the crux of this article. For you see, what I have described above, while not so common to myself, as I have learned at least a little self discipline over the nine years that I’ve been marketing online, is very common to most marketers… especially those who are just starting out.

It’s so tempting to look at every shiny new bauble that comes our way and say “Oh my. I have just GOT to give that a try because it looks SO interesting.” And then we start doing it, whatever it is. But before we can get even half way done with our new project, we get distracted by yet another shiny bauble and we’re off on another tangent.

This is such an easy trap to fall into and I’m sure you’ve fallen into it at least once in your life. Hey, I’m just as guilty as the next guy so I am speaking from experience. But I’ve been lucky so far. All the things that I’ve gotten into over the years, even if they fell apart, didn’t seriously affect something else that I was doing.

But why is that?

It’s called a schedule. A schedule is what is used to keep your overflowing plate from making a mess. It’s kind of like having a tablecloth underneath a bowl of hot soup so that IF you happen to spill some soup, you spill it on the tablecloth and NOT the table.

My tablecloth for Internet marketing is my schedule. What I do is very simple. I break up my day into segments. Each segment I will work on a different project. When one segment ends, that project, done or not, gets put aside and I then work on the next project.

Now, the downside to this is that no one project gets done quickly. The upside to this is that all the projects, if you continue with your schedule, will eventually get done. Nothing will completely become neglected to the point where it disappears into the void of nothingness.

Is this an easy juggling act? No, it’s not. Most people don’t have the discipline to pull this off. They get involved in one project and find that when that timer goes off they just can’t put it aside and pick up the next project. And that’s fine if you discipline yourself to start one project and finish it before you move onto the next one.

But the problem comes from finding that shiny new bauble. They dump project one completely and work on project two to the exclusion of all else. Project one is never returned to. And then when the next shiny new bauble is discovered, projects one AND two are both abandoned and project three gets all the attention

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