An Interview with Katherine Svoi Symthe

kathereineFirst of all thank you for interviewing with I’m honoured and proud that I can be a vehicle to share a story like yours. To call you a survivor of Child Abuse is too weak a description for what you’ve had to endure. Beyond that, you went on to serve in the Gulf War. I mean wow… that’s just incredible.

dandelionBeing a father, I cringe at the thought of what atrocities this world hides just beneath the surface. But I feel it’s so important to share stories like yours, so we can make people realize what’s happening, ultimately to take action to stop it. Can you tell us about your organization to help other Survivors?

From – She’s turned her pain into philanthropy through a group called Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers. Symthe hopes one day to open a group home where victims of human trafficking can recover.

“Our goal in the next two to three years is to have a facility where if you need resources, you can come to Healing Survivors and Creating Thrivers,” she says.

You’ll see her message very soon on San Antonio’s highways, the crossroads of human trafficking routes.

“They’re going to say, stop human trafficking,” Symthe says. “Messages like that. Be aware this is a high human trafficking zone. This is the number to call.”

If you or someone you know needs help to escape a bad situation, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

17 years of torture is almost unfathomable. You are incredibly strong willed. Can you share a brief bit of your background for those who aren’t familiar with your work?

From – Katherine Svoi Symthe, granddaughter of Lester Brown and author of a new book is about to reveal the torment that she endured at the hands of her own family members for 17 years. The book, entitled “Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Smythe” is available now and readers are advised that it may contain some shocking material.

erin_nichols_interviews_katherine_symthe_kabb_newsHow prevalent is child sex trafficking in your opinion? How many children per year, or how many do you think are in circulation?

Human Trafficking is a $35 billion dollar industry, second in the world crime circuit behind drugs.  San Antonio, Texas is number 1 city in the USA for human trafficking because it is in the middle of the slave trade route and because of the I-10 Coridoor.  There are too many children that are being sold, and many more not even listed as missing that are being sold domestically and internationally from the United States.

How are these people not caught? How is this getting worse and not better?

These criminals are not caught because they have organized resources, connections in the police department and deniability as many people in the United States can not believe that this happens on USA soil. Human Trafficking is getting worse because the good guys persay have not united as a whole, organized their resources and really looked at this issue that is stealing our next generation of children.

In the 1980’s the family that bought me were connected to the police, were teachers and good standing in the community. No one wanted to believe that these people who were teachers and pillars of the community could do such evil crimes as abuse, rape, murder and torture.

Can you tell us a bit about your new book “Unbreakable”?

bookcoverFrom – Katherine Svoi Symthe is the granddaughter of Lester Brown, whose cruelty to animals made the cover of Life Magazine in February 1966. Brown’s horrific cruelty to animals enraged Congress to pass the animal rights law. Lester Brown moved to California where the family went into human trafficking. Symthe was bought in 1972 from San Antonio, Texas and sold to the Brown’s family. Symthe endured 17 years of abuse, pain, torture, and even witnessed her sister’s death by the one referred to as her “mother”. Today Symthe’s memoir provides an exclusive look into her life, and how she utilizes her talents to overcome the traumatic trials in her life creating a passion within her to form, “Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers.” Follow Symthe as she tells her phenomenal story in hopes of saving other children and inspiring strength in others.

Where can we donate to help your organization, or others like it?

Visit to donate to our company, Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers and like us at

BONUS MATTERIAL from Katherine Svoi Symthe.

A lot of people have asked me, how did you survive? What is it like to be on the forefront of the media at all times? Have you found love? What is your life like now?

I survived because I made a promise to the other children that did not survive that I would live to tell their story so that they would never be forgotten. When I received my sisters decapitated head as a teaching tale to not run away, it broke my heart. How could people be so evil. The truth was we were not children in their eyes. We were renewable commodities to be raped, tortured and sold.

Sometimes it can be hard to be on the forefront of the media at all times. However, I know that my life can save another and bring an awareness to an epidemic. Right now we are losing the war.

I always found this question interesting if I have found love and am I open to dating. I keep my private life to myself however I am open in my heart to find that person that I can be with. Just intimidating as hell because I have been through a lot. Will they understand?

Today I help others become a success. I am the spokesperson for the Heidi Search Center and help other people involved in task forces regarding human trafficking.


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