Hi Ed, you’ve had a very interesting career thus far, can you tell us a bit about your background and the highlights?

1512484_790112444348901_146770537_n1. Well, I grew up a little too close in proximity to the Hydro wires and my parents used to let us play with raw uranium. Really though; I gravitated to music because I’m dyslexic. At a very young age I saw music more as a spiritual reckoning and a connection to mass consciousness and people all over the world. Many of the people I gravitated to were musicians like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Jaco Pastorius and so many other musicians had this connection not only to their music but with people all over the world. Because I was such an avid player and perhaps advanced for my age, I received a music scholarship from my high school and went on to study music at Humber College. Throughout that time I played with so many musicians and so many different bands that my mind was filled with wonderful possibilities of what music could be. At the age of 19, I was already on the road and playing huge shows to 10,000 people in places like the Ontario Place Forum. I think it’s a great achievement for somebody that young to have been able to practice their craft at such a young age. I started rubbing elbows with famous musicians like Alex Lifeson from Rush, Gord Sinclair of the Tragically Hip and I really felt I had carved my niche as a wordsmith and composer/singer-songwriter nationally and internationally. The last record “Oracles and Ice Cream” featured the classic Rush song the Spirit of Radio. It was such an honor and a privilege to be able to “special ed-ify” that song for the record.

Were you always interested in music?

2. Yes I’ve always been interested in music like a moth is drawn to a flame. As I mentioned music seems to have a much higher intention and spiritual source and most of my life has not only been as a singer and player but music acts as a form of theology in my life. Its philosophies, ideas and attention to prowess, stamina and detail are one of the many things that I find Godlike and metaphysical. Music also to me is a form of comedy and satire which allows me to draw in a listener, or myself for that matter, into an idea that may be funny but has a deeper meaning.

What’s inspired your latest single “Comin’ My Way”?

3. The latest single, “Coming My Way” was inspired by the hopes and fears that we all live with from day-to-day. It seems overwhelming and sometimes difficult in this day and age that we live to find harmonious personal results in the extreme efforts that we are trying to achieve. The important thing is that we have a mantra that fuels us on a journey towards that goal. “Coming My Way” is a mantra that is telling yourself in time with your own efforts and hard work you will find happiness. It also asks questions as to the things that may be deceiving us and whether they’re worth our conscious time and efforts. Even if sometimes we find it hard to navigate through our own emotions we talk to each other, we write each other postcards and we tell each other how we feel. This is what the song is trying to say and in time, things will come your way.

RFU4iZhVYou’ve also been hitting many radio, talk show, and awards circuits. How was it being nominated for the IMEA Awards?

4. Well yes, as of late I’ve been a very busy little bass player. It seems like I’m on the radio at least three or four times a week as of late and I just love talking to people not only about my music but about all the things that are going on around us. It’s absolutely fabulous to be nominated for an IMEA Award. The International Music and Entertainment Association is a very prestigious award and I feel very honoured to be nominated for two different categories. “Best contemporary album of the year” and “best male vocalist” of the year. Can’t wait to go down to Ashland Kentucky for the ceremony in October. I had a lot of fun making videos for the voting procedure. My puppets were on fire!

You were also nominated for the AMG Heritate Awards, can you describe a bit about that award?

5. Yes that’s right I’ve also been nominated for an AMG award for “best male vocalist” and for “best independent album”. The AMG is the Artist Music Guild and they nominate and award people for their contributions to American Culture. It’s very different than getting a Grammy, which is more like a popularity contest. This is based on your artistic and compositional impact that you have on culture today. Another extreme privilege. I feel so honoured to be nominated.

Your latest album “Letters From High Latitudes” has been met with some high praise, what’s been some of the best feedback you’ve received?

coverart-copy16. The best feedback that I’ve received has been that the album has incredible diversity and offers storytelling and philosophical ideas that much of music today seems to be afraid to discuss or even know how to talk about. In the past so many people tried to tell me that being diverse to them was a downfall; but I see music and art as something that needs not to fit in a box, but something that is continually being searched out and I look for in a truthful fashion. So this is one of the things that so many people have been enjoying about the latest CD “Letters From High Latitudes”. On all my records you’ll find folk, rock, country, spoken word, jazz, and progressive music on a regular basis. For all I know I might branch out into classical music, electronic or maybe even a symphony jug band. To me, music and art are not something that is always meant to fit in nice little tiny boxes. Ideas come to you and to me, negating the direction that they want to proceed would be a sacrilege. I’m so happy with the praise and acclamations that this last record has been receiving.

Where can we find out more about you and your up-coming performances?

7. First off let me say it was a pleasure speaking with you today and you can always get a hold of me at my website which is www.edroman.net where you can stay in touch with where I’m playing, the radio interviews I am doing and all of my social networking. You can also go to iTunes and get the Ed Roman App for free for your iPhone or android device.

In closing, I’d like to say the mind of music is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open.

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