An Interview with Travis Adams Irish, Author of “She is Risen”

SheIsRisenLargeEML_copyShe is Risen is a fascinating story line, that involves the CIA, unauthorized surveillance, and stalking. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Thank you.  Absolutely, the story focuses on four individuals who have been selected for surveillance in a new program that is being administered by the CIA.  Each person involved in this study has unwittingly entered into a scenario where their lives will be destroyed around them day-by-day, for the purpose of determining how far someone can be pushed before they choose a gun as the answer to their problems.  This creates an emotional pressure cooker as the protagonist struggles to free these subjects from the exploitation of the program, while those in charge begin a manhunt for him. There is also ‘the mighty priestess’ who adds an element of mystery and darkness to the story.

What inspired this, and how much is based on real world research? 

This work was inspired by the many tragic shootings in The United States over the past few years. I was amazed that someone could literally buy body armor and thousands of rounds of ammunition on the Internet without being flagged for suspicion of gun violence.  Everything that happens in the novel is possible in everyday life, with the exception of the scenes featuring the priestess and her powers.  For example, Auburn University really does have a program to train vapor-wake bomb sniffing dogs, and mixing ammonia with bleach does create a deadly teargas that can kill you.  Also, the techniques that Devlin uses for avoiding the CIA are taken straight from a security expert’s playbook.

You allude to a woman with strange powers, are you bridging into more of a fantasy realm with this tale?

No, fantasy is not in my wheelhouse; it requires a certain type of personality.  This novel is an exploration of the soul, and the many tragedies that can be poured down upon us in life- whether man-made, or otherwise.  You might compare it to the Indiana Jones movies, where the story focuses mostly on the human drama, but there is enough of a supernatural element mixed in to satisfy one’s inner-child.  Everyone who has read the story did express a deep feeling of paranoia from The United States Government, and their activities.  This novel is unusual because it has the opportunity to present three climactic scenes in succession, without seeming fake or gratuitous.

Will there be more tales from May Ivory? Or is this a self contained story?


There will be some follow-up on May’s life, but the core of the sequel will focus on the administrators of the program, their natural enemy Devlin, and the psychology professor who is at odds with both of them.  I will also go more in-depth on the drug cartel and the origins of the mighty priestess.  There will definitely be three installments…Maybe more.  I won’t elect to produce more material if it can’t match the intensity of the original.

Is this your first book? Have you always been interested in the arts? 

No, I’ve written two other novels: Isiah’s Skirmish and The Golden Goose of Los Angeles.  The latter has been downloaded about 5,000 times since May of 2013.  I’ve always wanted to write novels, but my career in technology exploded too fast, and I was overwhelmed for many years.  I had been recently encouraged by someone I care about to start publishing my work.  She is now featured on the front cover of this latest novel.

What inspired you to write novels?

My childhood friend had moved away, and I began middle school without really knowing anyone.  At that time, a teacher name Jacque Pennington was kind enough to share her knowledge of classical literature with the students, and trained everyone at the college level.  She and I are still in contact via Facebook, and I recently sent her a signed copy of my work.

Where can we find out more about your work?

The best method would be to read the reviews on Amazon.  Critics like Jada A. Washington along with intellectual readers such as Barb Johnson have done a great job explaining the power of the novels.  Anyone who is new to my writing should know that I treat each novel like a collection of short stories.  It is my belief that each chapter must be intense and filled with lively characters; otherwise, I haven’t done my job.  For instance, the opening for She Is Risen was rewritten six times, and each chapter was revised three to five times prior to the story being finalized.  This created a more solid body of work that eliminated my “artistic fluff,” and replaced it with what the reader really cares about.  For now, all editions are available in print and Kindle only, but I’ll be expanding distribution to audio and other digital formats over the winter.  There are some other items such as press releases and mainstream critical reviews that should be published soon.  If all goes as planned, I’ll be able to produce at least two sequels for my current works in 2014.  Out of the three novels, She Is Risen and Isiah’s Skirmish have received the strongest acclaim from discerning readers.  She Is Risen: Torn The Langley Contour, and The Golden Goose of Boston should be equally powerful when they are released next year…As long as I don’t allow myself to become lazy or sublime in my own creative juices.

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