Adi Alfa: “I focus more on my acting”


Adi Alfa is a Model and Actress with previous credits including Tamla Rose, Forget The Pact and has now been confirmed as the lead for British feature film ‘Ortega and His Enemies’. 

img1Adi thank you for taking this interview.  Firstly – you’re back as the lead for ‘Ortega and His Enemies’, how does it feel?

It feels fantastic. As an actress you always dream of landing lead roles. It gives you affirmation that ‘yes’ this is what I’m meant to be doing. The script is very challenging which suits me to a T. I am always looking for a challenge so overall…thrilled to pieces.


Was it a big surprise being called back for the feature after you where the lead on ‘Forget The Pact’?

Yes it was actually, I did not know that Malcolm (Malcom Benson) had this script with me in my mind, so I am really happy I gave my all for Forget The Pact because my hard work obviously paid off.


Your role of Sara see’s you getting abused and going to the lowest of the low, are you emotionally ready for this?

I have ways in which I will prepare closer to the time. I like to use raw emotion and go with it rather than plan what I’ll do. It probably sounds silly, but I will research and fuel my emotions ready for the role but the majority of the work will be done nearer to filming.



(Above : Queen of the catwalk Adi Alfa)


You’re back under the direction of Malcolm Benson – What’s that like ?

It’s great because Malcolm and I always got on well. I found we worked well together because I could see what he was trying to convey and he appreciated my input also.


Is there anyone in particular you’d like to act or model alongside in the near future? 

 Although I love modelling I focus more on my acting because that is what gives me the buzz. My passion lies with acting but there are countless actors I’d love to work with. British talents such as Tom Hardy, Stephen Graham (from my home town) Idris Elba, Helen Mirram and Helena Bohem Carter. State side I’d love to work with Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling Angelina Jolie. May as well dream big!


What’s next for you, do you have other projects on the horizon?

Next for me is a series called “One Up, Two Down” and another lead role in film Check M8. I am also writing my own feature film which I am hoping to finish soon.


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