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What is “” about?
FarewellMySanity is the project born from my idea to create something crazy and funny the world would talk about. I tried to find some cool stuff in the Internet, something vivid that captures attention and makes people say “WOW”. Unfortunately, the most cool things in the Internet now are social networks. Dozens of social networks. Millions use them every day, and there’s nothing interesting happening on them.  Now they became very ordinary tools of conversation.

That’s why I decided to make something appealing to social networks, but fresh and unusual. So the idea of FarewellMySanity was created – I sell very weird, funny and stylish Cat-backpack for $1,000. I place the one who dares to buy it on my website, and people visit it to look at this crazy. It’s all because boring and reticent man would never buy a thing like this for such price. It may be done only by very extraordinary person or by the one who wants to be seen.

What is the story behind your cool cat designs?
I was looking for something unusual and memorable. I thought from the beginning that my customers could not only buy and keep it at home, but to show it unobtrusively to others. So I decided that it must be a backpack – it is large enough to be seen and at the same time it’s useful and convenient to carry. I began to thing about its design. I wanted to make it to be in the shape of some funny animal with very unusual color. I chose among cats, pandas, sharks… And suddenly I saw a video on Youtube from a game, where the character ran with a pink backpack. It was very fast and hard to see in these several seconds, but it imprinted in my mind. I decided that my backpack will be “The Cat”, because it was pretty funny too look at. So I began to draw its appearance. After “The Cat” was finished I wanted to personify every of backpacks. Every of them has a number from 001 to 999, but I wanted every customer to have a unique thing that is impossible to imitate. So that’s how the idea with QR-code was created. As the result we have very cool Cat-backpack marked with a number and a unique QR-code

How have people used these for promotions?
People buy The Cat not only for fun. As a lot of visitors come to my website to look at these crazies, the most clever guys understood that this resource is able to use not only for personal fame, but also to advertise their talents or business. As the result they have not only subscribers and followers in social networks, but very loyal potential customers. And this is more effective than any usual ad, that is already became almost invisible.

Can you describe the pricing, and the value people are getting for their dollar?
The price of the first Cat was $1,000 and every next Cat costs $1 more than previous. I set it to make a disharmony between the appearance of the Cat and its price. Ultimately these are only appealing to those who really want or need to try something different, and they are people who may pay so much for such a weird thing.

On the other hand the price should be comparable with the cost of usual advertisement. That’s why people are so interested in The Cat. Visitors are very loyal, because they really want to look at people who bought this strange thing. And of course they want to have deals with interesting and extraordinary people, rather than with a boring faceless companies. This is the main reason of its effectiveness – The Cat helps attract attention to one’s business more than any other standard kind of advertisement in its price range.

Are there restrictions related to using, or purchasing these cats? Why is that?
Yes, before ordering The Cat you must agree with some terms. For example, you can buy only one Cat. And you won’t be able to sell or to gift it, as every Cat is directly connected to the name of its buyer by QR-code. More than that – there’s no possibility to change your photo on the website or to remove the profile. This restriction was added to make people think twice, if they are really interested in The Cat.

What’s next for your cats? Are you taking this to another level?

After successful completion of FarewellMySanity I’ll launch the next global project. Not so crazy, but much more significant. I have a lot of ideas that are being reviewed by very smart people from business circles. So I’ll start to consistently implement them. I don’t try to change the world. I just want to make it a bit better and brighter.

Thanks for this interview. Please visit , look at the most bright and extraordinary people of modernity, and of course join them!

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