Could you summarize what is it that you do in a few words?

DSC00042I work with difficult niches (gambling, Forex trading, binary options, Viagra, legal highs); niches most online marketing professional would not dare to touch because of their bad reputation.  I own several successful blogs in these niches: the #1 gambling blog, the most popular legal highs blog, the most popular tax free cigarette discount collector and price comparison site.

What makes your websites special and unique?

I’m on a mission. I’m trying to change people’s perceptions of difficult niches.  Not only are my websites completely dedicated to responsibility and safety but the way I advertise and popularize my websites is completely white-hat as well.  No spamming, no unethical online marketing practices.  I’m doing this 100% ethically and that what sets my apart from my competition.

As a successful webmaster, what do you think is the most important aspect people should focus on to improve their business online?

Forget the traditional blog format and blog content publishing methods!  On a traditional blog, content gets published regularly and then is never touched again, never updated, typos never fixed, comments closed down or never approved again.  The problem with this, that those old blog posts still show up in search engines for many search queries,  for many people for years to come.

And those people will not check whether that blog posts was published 3 years ago or just a month ago. They will take your advice word-for-word, or if they notice that it is outdated, then they just leave for another site. It’s a lose-lose situation.  Every website owner needs to understand the “nature of online traffic”; how online traffic works and behaves.  And webmasters need to know the fact that people are primarily looking for solutions to problems online.
Your content needs to be an often and constantly updated resource page dedicated to helping people find solutions to their particular problem fast and efficiently. Simple blog posts are just not enough. I think traditional blog format in most niches is dead and bloggers – who are in it for the long run, not just hobby-bloggers – need to rethink their approach entirely.

Starting a website and trying to make a living online full time is very popular nowadays, especially among younger people. What would be your one advice to these people?

Don’t !  You have no idea how hard it is. If you are an employee and have a good job just stay where you are and appreciate it.   If you don’t have a good job or you are unemployed BUT you don’t know anything about online marketing, content management, blogging, then don’t expect to make more than $ 50 – 100 per month for years.  I would like to emphasize, that there are more ways to make money online than making Yotube videos or having a successful website.
I have created the biggest ad-free guide to making money online, showing people how to make money online using various methods.  In this guide I have collected over 20 personally tested methods of making money online. The guide is entirely ad-free and this is sort of my way of giving back to the online community.

How can we learn more about you and your businesses?

If you are interested you can read my “rags to riches” story here.  It’s quite an interesting read, especially for people trying to make it big online.

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