by Jose D Ramon

As per Napoleon Hill, “Desire is the starting point of ALL Achievement”. However, a burning desire, passion, determination, imagination, creativity are to be present in a system for us to achieve our dreams.

Succeeding is a science we should learn to dramatically improve our Life. The desire as the starting point, and the images we build from that desire, are great tools to achieve success in this world of opportunity.

“Imagintion is a faculty of the mind which can be cultivated, developed, extended, and broadened by use”

Every great achievement was born as a mental image, from a desire. We should ask ourselves ¿what is the most important thing I would be happy of doing?

The plane, railroads, every great business orc, every great invention was born out of a desire and became real first in the imagination of some one person.


¿What is it that we want? Our desires, might not be very clear at first, but we must figure out what we want. ¿Why do we want that? ¿What for?

Even though we have to appreciate what we have now, our life style, we have to imagine higher levels of success in whatever we want to change: life style, better education, wealth, prosperity, abundance, health, social or financial status.

Brainstorming or idea generation is an exercise we should do to understand or discover what we really want for ourselves or for family or society or for all of them. During this process any idea is important.

There are no silly answers or outrageous possibilities. During this idea generation time there should not be any doubt or criticism about the validity of our desires. Whatever comes into our minds is valid. Evaluation is part of a process we should follow in due time.

We are not too young or too old, and our dreams are never too big.

There are quite a few silent coaches waiting for us to let us know everything we should know about the science of becoming successful: Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many more. Action is on us.

Self improvement means getting to know ourselves the best we can. We have to know and understand our power and possibilities. We have to know our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Mentally we have to improve our reasoning, our way of solving problems, our conversation capabilities, our decision making process. We have to control our thought patterns, our memory and concentration capabilities.

Emotionally we have to recognize and develop our feelings about ourselves and others.We have to be sensitive to our feelings, needs and those of others. We have to awake our senses to beauty and nature.

Spiritual development means being open to the hidden possibilities and aspects of life, beauty, and exploring the meaning of life. Exploring spiritual teachings can enhance spiritual development.

Physically we should admire the miracle we are. Building body strength and stamina by regular indoor and outdoors exercise, breathing fresh air, having the healthy food we need, and getting plenty of rest and sleep are ways to improve physically.

We have to put the law of attraction to work on our behalf. We should think with passion about the riches of love, health, prosperity, abundance, friendship we want and deserve.

The law of attraction is a two way street: We have to think about the riches we desire, but we have to think as passionately about those riches we are going to give back to society and the improvement of the world. We must rest assured that no matter how dark the night is, there is a bright day to follow.

Yes, we have to agree with Napoleon Hill that desire is the “spark” that ignites the process of our building a better universe for us and others. However, we have to take action. The blueprint is very important. Building our own life style, bringing our dreams into reality needs action, determination, persistence.

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