So mb any people switch to satellite TV every month that the benefits of satellite are pretty widely recognized and known by most people in society today. Everybody knows that satellite has got the most channels, that it has got more variety, and that it can be acquired from more locations-in fact, from just about any location, as long as there is a clear view of the southern sky. But those aren’t the only benefits to satellite, as in reality they only scratch the surface of the full explanation as to why satellite connections are just that much better than anything else. There are a few other details that really solidify satellite television’s position as the television industry leader, and make being a customer one of the most pleasant experiences imaginable.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are getting exactly the right kind of programming package for you. A lot of people just settle on something the sales person recommended, or randomly pointed toward the middle of the chart of options, hoping for something not too cheap nor too expensive. The reality is that, even if you have the most basic programming package, there are individual add-ons that you can request to fill very specific viewing interests you may have.

The best example would have to be sports programming: you can pretty much choose by sport the most impressive, comprehensive packs from among all the major games in the country and-much to the delight of people from abroad or that enjoy games not too popular within the US, like soccer, etc.-the world, with live coverage of all the most important events. If you just love football, you can just get the NFL Sunday Ticket, and live the life of an absolute and unrepenting football maniac, with every little statistic and special rbbeport appearing on your screen whenever you want; in fact, you can follow specific players’ statistics, you can choose to get alerts when they make particularly astonishing plays, and-wait for it-you can even watch up to eight games at once on the same screen by using the cool interactive options that are included in the service.

Next up, you need to make sure you have two vital bases covered: 1) verify you are actually watching everything on an HD TV screen, and 2) you are using an HD DVR to better manage your TV times and watch more of what you like and less (or rather none) of what you don’t. As far as the first of these two items is concerned, it is just the natural conclusion to come to when considering that satellite offers more high def programming than the rest, and by a long shot. Secondly, as far as a digital video recorder is concerned, it is just the natural decision to make when considering that there are so many great things to be watched, and since you can’t watch them all at the same time (or since you may not be home when something you do want to watch is on) you should have a way of managing times better and creating a backlog of things you want to see.

DVRs come with spectacular control features, like their 14 day programming guide, the ability to set up recordings of an entire season of a certain show, the ability to search for programs and plan recordings based on actors’ names, and the best of all, the ability to pause live TV. With this full rack of benefits and tools in your hands, you will be in complete mastery of your satellite subscription.

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