Law of Attraction – How to Use the Power of YOUR Mind

In early 2007 the launch of the DVD and book The Secret swept the globe. Virtually overnight thousands of people were excitedly asking their friends, “Have you seen The Secret?” – in more countries than many of us have even dreamed of traveling to.

What was it about The Secret that caught the imagination of so many people? I sensed that it was hope – the hope that arose as they became aware of a powerful principle that could “res images (11)tore the years the locusts have eaten” as John Randolph Price so eloquently puts it in his mini-masterpiece The Abundance Book. “The Secret” could free us – each of us individually – from the lack we had experienced in various areas of our lives. It could make us ‘rich’ – however each of us defined this word.

I recognized a potential ‘crash’ – from hope to despair – hanging like death over the shoulder of thousands of people. The Secret was and is brilliant in exposing the powerful principles of the Law of Attraction. It gives tangible examples of its application, albeit primarily in ways of attracting material wealth into one’s life.

What I sensed as a ‘red flag’ was the potential rapid drop from exhilarated hope to despair if the same people inspired by The Secret weren’t assisted to understand it more deeply, discover invigorating and alluring ways to apply it, and realize that practice, practice, practice is how anything changes. Mastery is the committed act of turning our metaphoric lead into gold.

The mind is an awe-inspiring instrument. Each of us receives one at birth. And yet so few of us ever learn how to use this magnificently powerful tool. How to tap its deepest potential. How to thrive, informed and awakened by the eternal and limitless flow of its genius.

Most of us learn how to think TOO MUCH. Far too few of us learn how to surrender to a Vision, a comprehension, a sense of wonder which only the deeper powers of this magnificent mind can reveal to us.

How could your life be different … if you learned how to turn lead into gold?

Applying the powerful magnetism of the Law of Attraction in your personal life is a fantastic place to begin.

The beauty in discovering these principles of Attraction and Allowing is that they are completely transferable. As you learn and Master them in one area of your life, you can apply them with confidence in any and all areas and get your desired results.

It gets even better. As we each become individual Masters of Creation, we are in a position to begin focusing our desires and attention on well-being well beyond ourselves.

Start small. Apply the teachings in this book to something you feel strongly that you want to experience in your personal life.

As you Master Creation, begin to think beyond yourself. Give the gift of your learning – your growing – to the world. Consider how you can share your increasing Mastery of the Law of Attraction to larger ripples – to your friends, your family, your workplace, your community, your culture, your humanity, your Earth.

Learning how to create what we each want – through Visioning it, focusing our attention upon it, consistently pointing our ship in the direction of it, and allowing our respect-full selves to receive it – is paramount in resolving both our personal experiences of lack and suffering – and our collective experiences of lack and suffering.

The micro is the macro. As above, so below. We are each the uni-verse. What I discover and comprehend, embody and model you, too, can gain from.

We are each a pebble in this great pond of Life. Our ‘ahas’ – our discoveries, our new experiences – create ripples in this infinite sea. Your increased freedom, joy, happiness, health, and whatever else you create emanates outward from you without even your thinking of it … and I, and millions of others, benefit immensely from this.

As we humans begin to grasp the meta-physics of how energy is the source of all existence, and how – as each of us becomes more conscious, more healthy, more happy, and more fulfilled, we impact each other with the selfless generosity of this gain – we lift the whole of humanity to a new day, a new dawn.

Learn how to create, with the focused power of your own mind. Vision a more positive future – for yourself and for humanity. Apply your consistent attention to this Vision. Notice your feelings, as your barometer of hope or of despair. Discipline your thoughts to lead you consistently to feeling inspiration, possibility, motivation, and joy. You will learn how to do this through the course of this book. As you do so, allow this new uni-verse to bestow its richness upon youimages (10).

You and all of humanity deserves for you to live in joy, health, enlightened consciousness, financial freedom, and all that you can dream.

For what we long so deeply for is our Soul’s desire. Well beyond the intentions of our ego, our Soul can only serve the whole. It cares for our ultimate well-being – which is the well-being of the One.

– Excerpt from the book “The Simplexity of Abundance – 4 Steps to Plenty”.

Ariole K. Alei is a Tele Class Leader, Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Author of 7 books including “The Simplexity of Abundance – 4 Steps to Plenty”, endorsed by Bestselling Authors Michael Losier (Law of Attraction) and John Randolph Price (The Abundance Book). Find out more about her Books and Register for the “Abundance In Action” Fundamentals (4 Weeks) or Mastery (16 Weeks) Tele Classes at []

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