When it comes to hypnosis there are numerous ways to learn hypnotism that can be employed to achieve a positive outcome. Hypnosis is very powerful when used correctly and can create astounding change. It is a tool that you can use to create success in not only your life, but in the lives of your friends and family. However, with the knowledge and mastery of hypnosis comes great responsibility so remember that it is unethical to ask someone to do anything that might be harmful and they won’t do something that goes against their morals, values, or ethics. Hypnosis will only work when the subject wants to make the changes.

Some of the most popular ways to learn hypnotism techniques include:

Conversational or Covert Hypnosis
Self Hypnosis
Progressive Relaxation
Hypnosis Spiral
Video Hypnosis

Cover t hypnosis allows you to hypnotize someone without them being aware of it; it is the art of communicating with someone’s subconscious mind without them being aware of that fact. There are many benefits that can be achieved by using hypnotism techniques to secretly hypnotize someone. You can improve your relationships by making people feel comfortable around you, you can attract people to you and get people to enjoy your company because they love to talk to you and want to do anything to please you. Covert or conversational hypnosis allows you to help your friends and family by guiding them to get over their bad habits and addictions, to help them take control of their lives and achieve their goals. This technique draws people to you and allows you to make suggestions to their subconscious mind. With covert hypnosis you can help others in addition to making your life more positive.

Self hypnosis is when you hypnotize yourself by achieving a deep state of relaxation. Self hypnosis is the art of directing your subconscious mind to accomplish great things. It’s a way to program your brain for success. You can use self hypnosis to improve your life in many ways. Many athletes use self hypnosis to visualize themselves succeeding in their sport. Self hypnosis is extremely effective as a tool in weight loss, to stop smoking, for fears and phobias, and to gain more confidence. Self hypnotism techniques help you attain desired goals and outcomes by placing positive suggestions into your subconscious mind through deep relaxation

Progressive relaxation induction is one of the easiest ways to hypnotize someone. Progressive relaxation is mainly used to relax the specific areas of the body to relieve the tension in the chest, legs, arms, toes, etc. You would be asked to tense and relax all the muscle groups in your body. Learning this hypnotism technique helps to relax all of the muscles in your body one at a time. You should start the relaxation from your head, then down to the shoulders, feet etc. until you reach a completely relaxed state.

Hypnosis spiral is a technique that develops a trance like state by using a spiral. A hypnosis spiral is a constantly moving spiral pattern. To induce a trance, have your subject focus on the hypnosis spiral for several minutes. While the subject is doing this, you can play relaxing music and offer suggestions such as; you are becoming relaxed, and your eyelids are becoming heavy.

A hypnosis spiral can also be used to test a person’s capacity for being hypnotized. Have your potential subject focus on the spiral for thirty seconds. Then have your subject look at the palm of his or her hand. If the subject doesn’t see any changes in the spiral or their hand, he or she will probably be difficult to hypnotize. On the other hand, if the subject sees the spiral change colors and sees a change in size in his or her hand then he or she is probably easy to hypnotize.

Video hypnosis allows a professional hypnotist into your home and mind, cheaply and privately. It is a form of hypnosis that helps you make positive changes in your life by receiving suggestions to your subconscious mind. Video hypnosis is like getting hypnotized by a real hypnotist, except that you are not able to interact with the hypnotist. The hypnotist in the video uses a large variety of images and hypnosis scripts in order to put you into a deeply relaxed state so that your subconscious mind is open to suggestions.

This article is just barely touching the surface as to what hypnotism techniques you could learn and grow from. There are countless techniques and strategies that you can implement into your life to create success and freedom.

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