List Building Demystified – Using Solos to Improve Directories

By John Paul Richards

When they talk about list building, experienced online entrepreneurs never fail to mention solos.

That’s why many internet-business novices keep on asking what those are. Well, there’s no need to look for answers anywhere else.

This article doesn’t simply explain what solos are, it also reveals the best way of building lists with the help of that particular advertising approach.


Word’s True Meaning

Of course, it’s necessary to start with the definition. A “solo” is a method of attracting potential clients through email.

What makes it stand out from other customer-gathering techniques though, is that it doesn’t rely on self-made lists. It makes use of other people’s directories, which they’ve built throughout the years.

As to be expected though, webmasters and marketers alike won’t share lists without “compensation”.

Considering Payments

The question now is this – how much do solos cost? Truth be told, there’s no fixed pricing when it comes to blasting emails to other people’s contact lists.

However, it’s easy enough to find marketing aficionados who offer their directories for a little more than 20 cents (USD) per click.

Those with much better lists (in terms of specificity and reliability) aren’t afraid to ask for bigger payments (could be double the usual cost).

Steps for Building Lists


Now it’s time to move on to the how-to portion of this article. Business owners who’d like to give their companies a boost through email-based advertising (and get new contacts in the process) should simply follow these easy steps:

  • First, look for solo-ad provider reviews online (do make sure to distinguish evaluative write-ups that contain useful info from the ones that are merely part of marketing ploys)
    • Here’s a bonus tip – even if some of them seem highly detailed and very informative, reviews that only talk about the positives shouldn’t be taken seriously
    • It’d also be best to avoid reading assessments that have been published on blogs that are virtually empty (obviously, those were just created by desperate solo-ad providers)
  • Second, find out which list “suppliers” come with the most “pros” (business owners with enough patience shouldn’t forget to check and compare the “cons”)
  • Third, get in touch with those better-than-most directory owners and ask for quotes (there’s a common trend in pricing – the greater the number of clicks needed, the more discounts to be had)
  • Fourth, pick the “solo” specialist that offers the most budget-friendly deal, and afterwards start making the final adjustments (if there’s anything that needs to be altered) to the advert that would be sent
  • Fifth and last, enjoy the conversion rate increase (a significant improvement in a matter of days is unlikely though), and add new entries to the list

Leveling the Playing Field

It really isn’t difficult to get a good deal on solos, which in turn means that even internet-business novices have a chance to build impressive lists of their own (turning clicks into customers, and thus adding new names and email addresses to their directories).

All in all, list building through solos levels the playing field between expert- and beginner-level entrepreneurs.

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