Have you ever wondered what it is that the people who have mastered the Law of Attraction and are skillfully manifesting abundance have that you don’t?

I mean seriously, let’s look at.this.

You saw that FAMOUS movie about the Law of Attraction four years ago, and ever since then, you’ve been a devoted disciple. You know the Law of Attraction inside and out, you are able to skillfully defend it against the non-believers, and have all these wonderful testimonials to share of how it has worked for OTHER people, but really, you have none of your own.

Okay, yeah, you’ve manifested the “little” things like when you think of someone you haven’t seen in a while, you wind up bumping into them in the street a few days later, or if you think about a8 movie you want to watch, it shows up on cable the next day.

But, in terms of your huge life dreams, you can’t think of one instance where you’ve attracted a “lucky break” to help bring your dreams into fruition.

Yet, you’ve heard of or even met people, who have reached a level of mastery at manifesting abundance that boggles the mind..

If they need a certain amount of money by a certain time, they make their intent known, and then all of a sudden, door after door after door opens up until they have AT LEAST the exact amount of cash they need, at or before the exact time they need it.

These people can show you their vision boards they’ve created a certain time ago, and enthusiastically tell you how their realities have manifested either exactly to reflect their vision boards, or even better than they imagined.

What do the ONE thing that these people have that you don’t have?

Well let’s take a look at these masters for a minute if you will.

For one, these p8aeople are in control of their realities. When they make their intent known to manifest their desires, they live their lives as if they already have it. Moreover, they don’t allow the opinions of others to sway their belief in the reality they’re manifesting. These people are able to keep a straight focus, neither looking to the left nor the right until the reality they’re creating has physically manifested.

These people don’t live in other people’s realities; they live in their own, and see themselves as the king of their own kingdoms. They NEVER let anybody OR anything dictate their realities to them.

So, what do these people have that you don’t that enable them to do this?

These people have SELF-PERMISSION.

That’s right, they’ve given themselves the permission to be the master of their realities. At some point in their lives, they realized that your reality is what YOU decide it to be, not what others decide for you.

As I’m showing you now, these people who are masters at manifesting abundance in their lives realized that NO ONE will EVER give them the permission to master their own realities, so they had to give it to themselves.

They knew that if they didn’t decide to dictate their own realities, someone or something will dictate it for them, and they weren’t about to let that happen anymore.

So how do you give yourself permission and start mastering your reality?

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