Q:  Okay and what can you tell us about the Martians – what do they look

B:  At this point as we have said, mostly now because of the genetics-
mostly human although in the more ancient form which still exists in some
of the species they have a little  bit of what you might call a proto  –
now this is just an affectation  — it is not really as  distinct as what
we are about to describe as the animal form, but in that sense they are
humanoid or what you would call humanoid but they have a slight
characteristic of what  you would call a type of proto-simian and, or,
almost a cat-like face.  But again, this is  very slight affectation, again
they would appear to be just a little bit beyond the edge or  the threshold
of what you might typically on your planet call, a different race. You
would  recognize them as non-human but they are not so non-human that they
would appear to  you to be much more different than just to you perhaps a
very distinctive other race.

Q:  Yes.  And how technologically advanced are they?

B:  At this point you will find, again, that they have an advancement about
100 to 150  years ahead of you but in their ancient culture they were
really not as advanced as you are  now on Earth. They have been given this
technology by the Greys, to aid them in their  survival.

Q:  Alright, so they’re in contact with the Greys – open contact?

B:  O yes. It was the Greys who were responsible for the injection of the
humanoid  genetics that will help them survive on your planet.

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