Avoiding Deception

The Top Habits Of Effective Liars – Revealed!
by: Amy Twain

From the person you’re talking to, to your longtime trusted pal, how can you be so sure that they’re not lying? How many times have you fallen prey to people’s deception?

A caveat: Take note that this list is to detect liars and not for you to practice! Really, can you spot liars?

Never be deceived again! Okay, be alert on your lie detectors if you notice these:

1) Effective liars are consistent. They know that different people sometimes compare notes, so they keep their facts (or lies) straight–down to the very minute details. You wonder why they’re so damn effective about it and not get caught; it seems effortless not just because they practice it, but they say the same stuff to different people–consistency, is their greatest asset.

2) Effective liars know their targets. They know how to get inside their listener’s mind–maybe it’s another reason why it makes them so relatable. They try to get to know your interests, likes, dislikes, so that they can relate to you and it’s easier for you to believe them since you’ve let your guard down on them. They know what things to avoid discussing, and especially your weak spots. Careful! He/she may be another emotional vampire.

3) They don’t lie that much. They are “selective” liars, as they choose their targets. Remember that the more you talk, (in this case, the more you lie) the greater your chances of getting caught (refer to number 1).

4) Effective liars save their weapons. Nope, they’re not really that everyday liars which you can easily catch. These seasoned predators save their best weapons for something they can gain. They don’t really bother telling lies unless they can get something out of it.

5) They know how to distract. They’re also savvy manipulators and know how to divert attention. Making use of emotional or sexual arousal to sidetrack the issue. Men may turn on their charm, machismo, women may display some cleavage–all to distract some attention.

Hope this list may guide you to avoid future deception.


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