There is something unique about everyone and this is what I would like to examine with you in using meditation to create your own sacred ritual. Meditation is as simple or as difficult as you make it.

Understanding your own process about meditation gives you information about yourself, it begins to get you in touch with your rhythm of thought. So having a ritual is a great way to set the tone and get started.

1. Space is very important. You need to fi download (3)nd a space where you are free from any disruptions. Keep your feet flat on the floor and keep your back straight. To achieve this, you must sit on a comfortable chair. Having a table in front of you can also prove to be helpful and you might want to place something that you can connect with such as a flower, or a crystal. Candles or a mandala can be effective. Use the object to focus your gaze.

2. Use your mind to scan from your head to your feet. As you do this, pay close attention to the state of your body and notice any kind of tension, stress, and pain. If you find any negative emotion or feeling, imagine that you are going to release it. Let them go and let peace and calmness enter you.

3. When you meditate, use your breath to move into a deeper state of relaxation. Watch your breath come in and go out. Let the air you breathe go into your nose, chest, and into your abdomen. When you inhale, imagine that you are taking in white, healing light and you exhale any negativity in you out.

4. You must also pay attention to your thoughts. If you have any negative thoughts, get rid of them and replace them with something that will help you. This is important because people can give up. Just start over, even if it takes 20 times. Your establishing a new pattern so be patient with yourself.

5. During meditation, be aware to what your body is feeling. For example, any feelings of heaviness, or pressure, note and go on. This will help you go deeper in your meditation.

6. Breathing is important. Do not hold your breath because this will just cause you anxiety. Falling asleep will not give you the benefit of meditation. If ydownload (2)ou are new to meditation, you can start with short periods of meditation like 5 to 10 minutes and gradually increase your time. Make it a regular habit so that it becomes a part of your life.

7. If any negative feelings such as pain, anger, or anxiety build up, stop meditation and try again another day.

Create the scared space with your intentions and how you want to feel. It may help in knowing that this is your space and give your busy mind the permission it may need to relax, start and feel wonderful.

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From Penny Weaver, and Penny Weaver, the “Energy Advisor” and author is a certified medium and master/teacher of many healing modalities of many healing modalities.

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