Mestory – History Chapter Three Rascal’s Spiritual Life Series Earth – Angel Michael J. Kempf

By Russ Miles

As promised in Chapter Two of Rascal’s Spiritual Life Series, “I will write Michael’s story in Mestory – History Chapter Three Rascal’s Spiritual Life Series, this is a little about my Earth Angel friend, Michael. It is by no means Michael’s complete story.

That, like the stories of each of us Earth Angels who have accepted our call to be a part of ‘A Rainbow Reminder’ deliverance mission, is being recorded in The Lord Commander’s Books of Lives. Our full stories are only just beginning. Michael’s story that he will more fully elaborate in his own words and which I will post in the “Confirmed Earth Angels” section of one of my websites,, will follow this next brief recap for those who are new.

As fully elaborated in Chapter One of this series, I arrived on this planet “The child of a promise” – thanks to my mother – who had promised God that she would never again have an abortion. It wasn’t a matter of whether abortions were legal or not. This was 1947. In the United States, at that time, all abortions were illegal! Even if it meant a divorce from the husband whom she loved, who had insisted that his wife do again – as he had another time demanded – mother believed that her promise to “The Almighty” was more binding than the marital promise she had made to “Obey” her husband.

I’ll also repeat that the name of this series of articles is Mestory – History because it is about me, Rascal. Yet it is His, God’s, story. All recorded writings and oral traditions involving His created beings on this planet, Earth, are rightfully classified as History. I suspect the person who first coined the word, History, had the revelation of this fact in so selecting this name which is normally used in reference to records involving earlier events, activities, and in the lives of His people here. I am but thankful that my name is recorded in His “Book Of Life.”

Now in 2006, that same “Supreme Being” has instructed me to write this series of EzineArticles to laying the foundation as to by whom and/or what authority I speak. Fortunately, as they did with Moses, my words of introduction come from God by which to establish credibility. He is “The Creator” of all words and the words that He has me use contain within themselves the power to achieve His directive.

Joshua 3:7: The LORD told Joshua, “Beginning today I will show the people that you are their leader, and they will know that I am helping you as I helped Moses.

Zeetu 52

Michael was the leader of a motorcycle gang in Chicago, IL. His was the power of “Thumbs up & Thumbs down.” Some would say that Michael was a “Bad person.” Those would most likely include those who knew him at that time in his life. At least, those who are still alive would concur.

In 1981, Michael had hopped a train which ended up taking him to Eugene, OR. After beating another “Boxcar Billy” unconscious, he dragged the not tough enough roughen onto a train track to allow an engine to finish the dirty work. Fortunately, for both Michael and his foe, the police arrived before a train. The not so tough adversary was removed to a hospital and Michael was taken to jail.

A Gideon Bible representative visited Michael in the Lane County lock-up facility. He was given a Bible like those you find in so many hotel/motel rooms. The Lord, or His Holy Spirit, moved on Michael’s heart and reminded him of what he had been exposed too as a child. Michael gave his hurting heart and wasted life over to The Lord.

After spending some time – several years in fact – in Oregon, helping youth as a youth minister in a camp and writing a book, Love Violated, Michael returned to the Chicago area where he had formerly lived a much different life. He was sharing The Lord with former biker friends. He no longer wore a “Patch.” In Oshkosh, WI, – about 69 miles from Chicago – Michael and a former biker buddy came out of a bar together to be confronted by twelve members of his friend’s rival motorcycle gang.

With a 2½ in. galvanized pipe, much like those used in parking meters, both Michael and his friend were beaten lifeless. The pipe used was 12 ft. long. One of the ladies carved up Michael’s calf when he was no longer a threat and had stopped writhing.

This was in 1989. The local newspapers and radio station reported: “Two Men were found beaten to death.” The reporters cited Michael Kempf’s name. The stories said, “The men had no visible signs of life” when taken away by ambulance as ordered by police who arrived at the scene.

Michael’s friend was discharged from the hospital – with a reformed face – the next week. Michael spent the next 21 days in that hospital and was then transferred to a mental facility. He would spend a much longer time there.

Michael would once again be convicted of a crime, which, in this case, he might well have been innocent. On furlough, he walked away. When I met Michael, we were both living in Vancouver, WA. He was married and very much involved in opposing the death penalty.

What a beautifully illustrated man, I thought. His fabulous tattoos were not where they couldn’t be covered. It made it less distracting for other church attendees – many of whom believed that people who had “Tats” were going to hell. Other than domestic disputes, Michael was a law-abiding citizen – although a wanted man in Wisconsin.

One day, Michael told me, “I’m going back to turn myself in.” He did, serving out the remainder of his sentence a model prisoner. Then, he returned to Vancouver. I lost track of Michael because I was dealing with some of my own issues including the dread disease for which I am now “Cured”, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), relocating to AZ, and only God remembers what else. Michael opened and operated a successful tattoo parlor, participated in the establishment of a halfway house, and I was never able to find him until last week.

Does Michael have any problems? You bet! The same Lord that we both serve has told me to air a little about one of them. I am confident that Michael will not mind as the same God calls Rascal too. ” Luke 12:3 So then, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in broad daylight, and whatever you have whispered in private in a closed room will be shouted from the housetops.” Such is part of my assignment.

Michael still has some issues to resolve. The one that I will mention involves his still wife with whom he was involved in domestic violence. Michael will be led of The Lord to properly remake or remade the situation. See, Earth Angels aren’t perfect. No, we are yet being molded and reshaped by our Master Potter. He knows us and continues to provide the stimulus that He knows that we – as “His Dearly Beloved” – need.

Can Michael function as an Earth Angel while resolving his own issues? Absolutely! His remarkable loving heart, vast knowledge of both “The world” and “Our Lord’s Word” uniquely qualifies Michael to provide sound direction to those who are led to ‘A Rainbow Reminder’ cyber deliverance vessel for help in the areas of health, financial shortages, serious other problems in need of resolution, and spiritual growth.

I am honored to co-captain ‘A Rainbow Reminder’ deliverance vessel with Earth Angel, Michael John Kempf. Michael can provide magnificent insight to “His Chosen” – both earth-bound visitors and those who have become so heavenly minded that they risk becoming of no earthly good.

~Rubit “as the Earth~Angel Rainbow Riders appear”~

Rascal :))

RASCAL RUSS MILES IS AN APOSTLE. Chosen by The Lord, in the Apostolic Order of Apostle, Paul, Rascal says, “I Am The Lord’s Playfully Mischievous Apostle.” Expert in Scriptural understanding, Rascal’s mission includes the assignment to “Shout from the rooftops the Lord’s Inspired Messages via Ezine aArticles, Cyber-Space, Books, Mailings To ‘My Good Buddy’s List’,and Many Other means.”

Under his pseudonym, Russ Miles, Rascal’s credits include mystery novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. 1-800-AUTHORS or B&N, & Amazon

“Seasoned Real Estate NAR Broker,” Rascal Russ became increasingly disabled by “Incurable” Multiple Sclerosis over 5-years. Now “Cured”, Rascal offers nutritional health products, healing prayers, writes books & articles on varied subjects. Comments:

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