By Elizabeth Kate Howard 

Depression is considered as one of the most fatal disease of contemporary life. In fact, it is crippling illness. This fatal illness robs the sufferers of their willingness to live, capability of loving and working, joy, vitality, concentration, memory, sleep and energy. Depression not only takes away one’s emotional and spiritual health but also undermines one’s physical health. Many researches revealed that this illness enhances the cardiovascular diseases and aggravates long-lasting illnesses like asthma, back problems, arthritis and diabetes. As per the Norwegian study, this illness enhances the chances of death from major diseases like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, respiratory illnesses and stroke.

In this universe, nothing is irreversible, and so this applies for this crippling disease also. There are useful methods for combating this disease. If a depressed individual follows such methods with full care and precaution then he or she is sure to get mastery over its recovery.


Useful methods for combating depression

• A depressed individual must see a counselor. One should be more than a friend to a counselor. One should explain each and everything concerning one’s vexed problems to the counselor. This is the person who will suggest ways to overcome the problems.

• One should go for morning walk. During dawn time, the fresh air blows all around. If there greeneries like orchards, parks, and dense jungles then they will prove very useful for depressed people.

• One should let oneself stand in the sun in order to let the sunlight penetrate the body. The sunlight is good source of vitamin D. This vitamin is very useful in the cure of depression as well as health.

• Depressed individuals should read good books based on jokes, laughter, happiness and spirituality. Reading of such books will change the mentality of the sufferers and make him or her feel rejuvenated.

• One should eat right. This means that one should eat good quality of food. For this one take advice of nutritionist also. One should eat fresh and fragrant food. Stale food may spoil one’s health.depression

• One should abstain oneself from liquor consumption and drugging. These intoxicants simply mar one’ health. Even healthy persons become sick by having such intoxicants so depressed individuals should be farer from such intoxicants.

• One should also try to fall in love if one has some romantic moments of life. The feeling of love will certainly make one happy and hilarious.

• Laughter: One should laugh as much as one can in the company of friends.

• Be creative: One should indulge oneself in some creative writing. This will distract one’s attention from gloomy mood of depression. Writing of articles, poems can be enjoying.

• One should connect oneself with one’s dreams. This is also one of the remedial measures of combating depression.

• Having positive thinking and courage to alter oneself also plays a major role in overcoming depression. This is psychological treatment. One should not allow negative feelings to take precedence over oneself at any cost.

In a conclusion, these were remedial measures for combating depression. A depressed individual must follow these methods to regain the life of happiness and vitality.

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