MIND Your Mentality!

Catchy title, isn’t it?

But frankly, it’s no use me having the ‘catch’, if it does not deliver the “Think” factor!

I’m sure you have become familiar over the years with the Law of Attraction. You may even, have tried its principles in your life. And so, now, you have reason to accept the premise that your thoughts are things and, that they have fashioned your life in most ways.

What most are not aware of is, that the adage of “Know Thyself” is grossly underused. Have you ever been told that you don’t know yourself well enough and that this is the reason your life is the way it is? And, what is your response?

Of course you know yourself! You live with being you every single day. No-one, knows you better than you. Right? Well that is partly true! You have experience of yourself only to the extent of your conscious awareness. We are more accurately, a compilation, of ballistic conditioned reactions.

You are a storehouse of personal data compartmentalized into bite sizes of self-awareness. And, we have vast library collections of belief associations that drive our reactive attitudes to a multitude of scenarios. These are so ingrained in our behavioural patterns that they are now part of our highways in the neo-cortex of our brains. They are now part of our synapses.

Now, consider this: we only have conscious use of, give or take, 10% of our Consciousness. Where, is the other 90% housed and, how do we apply it? That is the domain of your subconscious and unconscious minds. I’m certain, that you can now see, that we all have a huge chunk of knowledge, which is ours by right, Missing from our Conscious Awareness.

DO YOU still think you know yourself as well as you thought NOW?

The question here then is, how do you assimilate your thoughts with your self-knowledge? And, how do you turn your UNKNOWN about yourself into the hard-drive that converts your thoughts into the things you want? Remember, thoughts ARE things!

Here you will now, enter into, the various schools of thought of all of us ‘gurus’in the field of self-improvement, in quantum mechanics and quantum physics. Everyone, scientists included, will have his/her opinion based on their personal experience in applying these principles; be they experience of life or of science. THAT, will be their individual point of reference on their experience with those understandings.

And, naturally, what these experts have to say has value, simply for the fact that it may work for you. If you don’t try it, you will not find the value for yourself. What I advise is, that you do not treat it as written in stone. By all means, listen and learn. And do, apply what is freely given and generously shared with you, of their experience.

What I want you to always remember is, that even though it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel, it is however, very important for you to gain your own personal experience with whatever pearls of wisdom you gather along the way. You must make personal contact with an idea or principle, for you to learn how it works WITH you. This, will enable you to, discern just how to make it work best to your particular needs. Engage with its energy, play with it and mould it!

But, understand, that we are as Humanity, very negative in our conditioning and self-talk. For you to change that, you need to mind your own mentality. Be aware of your thinking. Jot down your feelings about happenings in your daily activities so as, to become more Conscious of how you THINK; monitor your mentality.

Once you do that, it will guide you to adjust your thoughts, to unmask the beliefs that hold you back in your life and to realize that, perhaps, you have outgrown all the negativity therein.

What can I advise you? Simply this: Become the Observer in your life! Watch yourself in all things as if you are watching a movie about your daily comings and goings. Become your own “Big Brother”! You will begin to see a pattern to your thinking and most importantly, you will find the Constant Thread of your Mentality.

The things you like about your mentality, refine them.

The things you dislike about your mentality, change them!

After all, you still know yourself best and you still know the quickest way to what is right for you. It’s just that NOW, you are Consciously, Unconsciously and Subconsciously more attuned to it and hopefully, with this new Mastery, you will soon Mind your Mentality in your full Mind.

I trust, that my “Think” Factor, has been well served as a delicious summer dessert!

Joyous applications to you all!

A.V. of Avatar Inc. is a recognized authority on peak performance, organizational turnaround, leadership and personal development. She has served as an adviser to individuals, leaders, and corporations around the world, helping them attain greater levels of success. Highly respected as one of the world’s foremost experts on personal and professional advancement, A.V. has become renowned as a consultant, seminar facilitator, speaker and soon to be author.

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