IPad and Kindle Differences Revealed
by: Savs Foster

Technology on gadgets has been innovating every now and then to provide us with the coolest and up-to-date features. Electronic device manufacturers continue to amaze us with the fresh functionality features they always include in the new device they bring in the market. One excellent and reputable electronic device manufacturer is the Apple Co. which has been doing great in the business for many years. Mainly, for no reason to level with or even surpass the latest iPad by Apple, Amazon.com introduces its tablet application called Kindle. Here are some comparisons on both gadgets: iPad and Kindle. If you are planning to buy any of the two read on first to get a glimpse of what every gadget can provide you with.

Screen Interface

iPad is the new and latest evolution of iPhone and works with the same screen interface. Thus, iPhone users get the advantage of being familiar with the new iPad screen functionality but with wider screen size. It has a colored and multi-touch screen functionality that gives users a broader and colorful experience with the gadget. On the other hand, Kindle has a screen size almost the same as the iPad’s. However, it’s black and white and comes with the traditional navigation buttons which is the outmoded counterpart of touch screen.


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Kindle is basically intended for ebook readers where they can enjoy their reading hobby in one sleek device conveniently. This is a must-have device for ebook lovers alone, whereas, iPad goes beyond reading ebooks with its multi-functionality features. It supports various formats of ePub (electronic publication) and one of those is of Kindle’s. You can just swipe on pages conveniently while browsing. It’s more of a tablet computer-like where you can enjoy the same features laptops and personal computers have. In fact, it is somewhat an innovation of MAC laptop which is more portable and convenient to use for people on the go. You can enjoy browsing the internet, movies, and games and you get to enjoy same features of the iPhone gadget. iPad is more of an electronic buddy you can count on.

The Apple Factor

Let’s admit it! Aside from the sophisticated features of iPad the reason why people prefer this over Kindle is the brand name of the company. Everyone is dying to have any gadget by Apple and as always the company never fails to satisfy its customers. It is one of the leading and innovative electronic device company committed to customer satisfaction.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9-Inch 4G LTE Wireless Dolby ...

The Experience

With all the features of both gadgets mentioned above you can truly say which gadget provides an innovative experience. iPad is not a threat to Kindle as more reports about it are written. In fact, they must be credited for taking the lead in digitizing books although great competition is being initiated between the two. Anyone can have his choice. If you prefer a gadget that’s limited to ebooks, and light tablet functionality, then you can have the Kindle. But if you are more of an adventurous person in the world of technology and media then iPad is the best option.

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If you need a simple ebook reader then go for kindle, but for much advanced usage I would prefer an ipad from Apple which earlier launched the ipod for all those music lovers.
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