Jacob Cross, is suspect in terrorist activities!

By Sophia John

The world is abuzz with the shocking news of Jacob Cross! Known as a brilliant researcher, Jacob Cross was hired by Netex Corporation to find the missing pieces of the auditum technology. ‘he was known for strange behaviour lately. He would randomly go into a trance or stare into space. We always thought it was the work pressure and we weren’t even aware of what he’s working on!’, says a colleague. ‘But it couldn’t have been him! He’s too noble and though the evidence says otherwise I can’t believe it was my dear friend!’, says another colleague. This is the general consensus that somehow Jacob Cross and murder don’t fit. But the authorities don’t go by such suppositions. The hard facts and evidence clearly points out to him. A lot of this is kept under wraps by the authorities. But there’s too much of dirt to be kept silent! Keep watching this space.



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