Online Reputation Management – Protect Your Business With Effective Monitoring Strategies

By Yvonne A Jones

Online Reputation Management is perhaps one of the fastest growing fields in Internet and Social Media Marketing. In fact, it has become an industry onto itself as more and more consumers are leaving feedback for companies with which they conduct business.

When a prospect or sales lead performs a search on Google or any of the other popular search engines about your business and they see a negative feedback, it can and will adversely affect your sales. Think of the last time you read something negative about a company. The first thing you likely thought was that you would NOT purchase anything from that business simply because you did not want to experience the same thing the person who left the negative feedback experienced. It is called self-preservation. You do not want to get hurt or scammed.


Online Reputation Management Experts and Service Providers
Extensive research has been done and the findings reveal that it only takes one customer who wasn’t treated fairly, or an ex-employee with a score to settle to damage a company’s reputation online. With review websites such as Google Places and Yelp!, it is easy for consumers to leave feedback for companies almost on the fly.

Consumers in this day-and-age are becoming more Internet savvy and the Internet is one of the first places they visit to perform a search on a business before they decide to make a purchase. It doesn’t matter if the business is service-based or simply sells products; if they receive a negative feedback it will mean loss of business.


Reputation management should not occur only when a company has received negative feedback. It is something which should be diligently managed on a regular basis. Every time there is communication between a customer service representative and a client, it’s an opportunity for the representative to create a positive experience for the customer and present the company in a positive light.

The respoinsibility is therefore on the company to train it’s employees to embrace the company’s philosophy in dealing with customers. In the case of small business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s your responsibility to adopt basic principles in dealing with your customers regardless of how difficult they may be and decide beforehand how various situations will be addressed. While there is no guarantee that applying Golden Rule customer service will prevent negative comments about your business, you will do your part to the fullest extent to prevent someone from posting damaging comments online that can undermine your online reputation.sadiq-89

Reputation Management Strategies are Easy to Set-up
There are several reputation management monitoring strategies which can be implemented to help a business get a feel for what their customers are saying about the business. One of these strategies is as simple as setting up Google Alerts for your business. You can set up a Google Alert with your company’s name and your name so that every time something is published online that matches your ‘alert’ you’ll receive an email from Google.

Companies that do not have a reputation management system in place may be leaving themselves open to months of unnecessary headaches and loss of revenue. Fortunately, there are reputation management service businesses for companies who do not have the time to manage their online reputation.

These service providers will monitor your company’s reputation and handle any issues which arise quickly and correctly. Moreover, firms such as these assist businesses and individuals in taking certain preemptive measures to assure that their reputation remains relatively untarnished.

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