Throughout history, we have been fascinated by those who foresee the future and captivated by the mystery of the future and what might be destined to happen next. In ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi was internationally renowned. Hordes of people traveled from distant lands just toa  hear a few uttered words of prophecy and guidance.

Over the centuries we have been mesmerized by crystal balls, palm readings, card readings and those psychics and mediums who give us messages from the other side. The first publication of the prophecies of Nostradamus in the 16th century has survived the critics, the cynical skeptic and continues to fascinate the populace of today.

In every era, every culture in the world, there has emerged its oracles, its prophets and seers who are capable to see so deeply into the mystery of life that they seem quite mentally disturbed to those whose minds do not foresee beyond the next hour in a day.

Our ancestors depended upon agriculture and lived at the whim of wind, rain, and sunlight. Forces beyond their comprehension such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes were often considered as punishment from the Gods. It is obvious to understand why they were so dependent upon the wisdom and power of the oracles, shamans and sages who were trained and educated in the mysteries.

Today, we live in a world of information that is available and easily accessible. Computers, telephones, internet, space travel and DNA discoveries are all a minute influence of what is destined to happen next. For a great number of us, the shamans of today are the computer analyst and programmers who have mastery over digits. Many proclaim them to be the great magicians who transform our economy and revolutionized our daily life. The more we become accustomed to their wonderful devices and programs, the less we are fascinated with them but expect even more.

Oracles, psychics and shamans today are widely accepted throughout the world. It is a rare occasion to note a person who has never had an intuition or hunch of any kind. The potential of the human mind is unlimited as scientists have demonstrated in a number of amazing feats.cdx

Human beings are naturally inquisitive and it appears to be our nature to explore all areas of the unknown. The human mind is perhaps our greatest frontier and as long as we have a thrust for knowledge, truth, and empathy for exploration, we will have a continued fascination with Oracles and the power of our own intuition and sixth sense.

Barbara Soblewski Garcia’s website offers a wide range of services from private ESP consultations to ESP development classes, an Art Gallery and prints store. Barbara gained mass recognition in the Seventies with her involvement in several criminal cases, most notably The Hillside Strangler. Over the years her psychic powers has been thoroughly tested by numerous investigations in both lab and field settings

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