Hybrids on Earth?

*Hybrids on Earth*

Q:  You have spoken of the hybrid children coming to earth.

B:  Yes, I have.

Q:  Will they be adults when they come?

B:  No, not all of them, some of them will be more mature, but many of them
will still be young.

Q:  Like teens?

B:  And younger.

Q:  And younger?

B:  Yes.

Q:  How will they be cared for?

B:  We would think very well by all of you. Since, they, in that sense,
then will be your responsibility, since they are your children.

Q:  Oh, I wondered about that: how old they would be?

B:  Various ages.

Q:  Won’t some of us be quite a bit older?

B:  So?

Q:  Okay.

B:  Is that an impediment to you?

Q:  Um, no.

B:  It is not an impediment to them, why should it be to you?

Q:  No, it is not an impediment.

B:  Are there accidents?

Q:  No.

B:  Then if you find yourself in contact with such a child, will you not
assume that it is something that obviously can be recognized as being
capable of being handled by you?

Q:  Yes, it was just kind of a surprise, because I guess…

B:  Well, that’s what it’s meant to be.

Q:  Oh my… and some of us are going to have more than one.

B:  Yes, but they will belong to all of you.

Q:  Oh, so we will be able to help each other?

B:  Yes, for you will form communities for this purpose. There will be
certain centers, shall we say, areas, communities, on your planet where the
hybrid children will be, shall we say, placed.

Q:  How long until…

B:  Until such time as they can spread out more equally in your society.
For, again remember, in /our/ timeframe, which you would consider to be your
future, hybrids and humans live equally on your planet of earth.

Q:  But when they first come…

B:  They will be sequestered in safe communities where they can be cared
for, instead of being immediately exposed to the entirety of your planet.
They will need to adapt and acclimate. There is much that they need to
learn to understand their heritage from many different levels; and how to
survive, in a sense, and behave, in a sense, and function in a sense, in
the new reality that you are creating. They will help you and you will help
them; they will bring you information, you will give them information. This
is what is going on right now, but it will happen on your planet, again,
most likely within the next couple of decades.

Q:  Will the rest of the planet know that they are on the planet or not, at

B:  Not at first, only the small communities that will be automatically and
synchronistically attracted to create themselves for this purpose, but it
will not be long; it will only be a matter of about five to ten of your
orbits before the entire planet knows that they are there, once they are

Q2:  I’m looking for other species on this planet and I know…

B:  Other species of what?

Q:  Other species from other universes that walk among us on this planet.

B:  This is rare.

Q:  Well…

B:  Except, in the sense, that all of you, are also other species. You

Q:  I was under the impression… I thought that I have had occurrences in
my life with people from other galaxies, twice. Once I was driving down the
street and I encountered a man on the street, a homeless man who smiled at
me, and it, like, went through my whole body and the energy stayed with me
a whole day.

B:  Yes, but this can be many different kinds of things. The idea is
multifold and there are always, perhaps as many different reasons for
what’s happening as there are happenings.  In that instance, as we scan
your energy, something took advantage of an opportunity to use that
individual as a window, because of WHAT it would represent to you. It
wasn’t that that individual was from elsewhere specifically, but that
something from elsewhere came through that individual momentarily, because
it was the right time for you to see it, the right window to shine through
because of the synchronicity and the timing in your own life. You follow?

Q:  Yes.

Alien Hybrid

Alien Hybrid (Photo credit: Steam Pirate)

B:  Doesn’t mean that it is, in that sense, native physically to somewhere
else – that individual, physically on your planet.  So there are a variety
of ways that this can be experienced. Yes, from time to time, there will
actually be encounters with extraterrestrials on your own planet. But the
idea is that it is rare that we, of any variety, will be around your world
on your surface for long durations of time. You follow?

Q:  Yes.

B:  But we will always utilize, and many different kinds of beings will
utilize, whatever is the path of least resistance to allow the ball to fall
into the appropriate slot. You follow?

Q:  Yes, I do.

B:  Does that help to explain it a little bit more clearly?

Q:  Yes.

B:  However, again, remember: at this time, almost all of you are already a
genetic amalgamation of many different kinds of species. You follow?

Q:  Yes.

B:  So, in that sense, you are you are all, so to speak, patchwork beings.
You understand?

Q:  Yes. Thank you.

B:  Thank you. Sharing!


*Hybrids/Future Selves and Black Helicopters*

Q:  You’ve talked about in the time in the 2030 range, that we would be
living with hybrids side by side in our civilization.

B:  In and around your time of 2037 when your planet will join the
Association of Worlds, will be a time when there will be certain numbers of
hybrid beings living on your planet.  It will have begun before that time
to some degree, maybe even around your year of 2022, in that sense.  But
certainly by my contemporary time frame of what you would call three
hundred of your years from now, the Earth is very heavily populated with
human and hybrid species.

Q:  Also, the black helicopters that have been seen since the fifties,  are
some of them our future selves?

B:  No.

Q:  So there is not an attempt to come back in time?

B:  When you see a ship that is representative of what is ostensibly a
Future Self it will always been seen as a triangle.  What you call the
black helicopters sometimes are projections from ships, but not from ships
of your future self.  And sometimes they are literally machines that are
controlled and owned by your own military.  But your future selves will
appear only as the triangular form, for now.

*Hybrids and Shakana*

Q:  In your timeline, at the point in which he connects with you… that is
the point at which the Greys got on a positive track? Is that accurate?

B:  In some senses you are close to the mark, symbolically so, yes. But the
idea more is that, whether described as positive and/or negative, it is
representative of the timing when the transition had been made from what
you typically called the Grey society into what you typically recognize to
be the hybrid form. Does that help you?

Q:  Yes, I’m going to think about it. And I have another question: in time,
in the way that my culture counts time now…

B:  Yes.

Q:  … when is your Shakana to be born?

B:  One moment… remember, even though we have said in your timeframe we
are three hundred of your years in the future, our dimension is, in your
terms, ten times sped up, and we have experienced what you would consider
to be three thousand years of evolution. You understand this first of all?

Q:  Okay, I do now.

B:  In that context then, understand that we are referring similarly to the
concept of what you would call two thousand years ago, or if you wish, in
your terms, one hundred years from now.

Q:  So a hundred years from now.

B:  Yes. It is parallel to the idea of the manifestation that you call the
Christ Consciousness or the Buddha Nature in that sense, but it appeared,
in that sense, in our world spirit in a different manifestation. After all,
Christ Consciousness and Buddha Nature are nothing really but the
reflection of the collective world spirit of your planet. Our Shakana is a
reflection of the collective world spirit of our planet, by whatever name
you wish to give it.

Q:  So basically you are two hundred years after Shakana?

B:  Yes.

Q:  Is that correct?

B:  Yes, but again, from my reckoning, two thousand years after Shakana, in
my terms of timing.

Q:  I understand. That’s because of the difference in the density?

B:  Ten times the vibration, yes.

Q:  Right. Okay, thanks.


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