Shared Realities

*Shared Realities*
Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka

Q:  I was reading a book on Indians and I found something very interesting,
and I wanted to know how it worked. Anyway, the story goes about one
particular Indian who, through understanding and his need to know
something, turns himself into a snake – and nearly everyone sees him as a

B:  Yes.

Q:  And they beat him, and he goes back into his tent and comes back as a
person, as this Indian. So, apart from how that served everyone involved,
were they seeing an actual snake? Did he physically take on the form of a
snake? Or were they…

B:  All right. Once again: all realities are equally real, and everyone’s
reality is its own reality. Anything that you share by commonality you
agree to share by common experience, and to create your version of that
reality for your physiological consciousness to experience.

The idea of that individual being able to “turn into a snake,” or whatever,
is simply the manifestation of the thought form of an idea, a reality
belief in that individual’s universe, and that individual’s ability to
telepathically transmit and consciously integrate with the other
individuals‘ consciousness the idea that that would be the reality that
could be shared. To have the experience, to have the understanding, so it
would create for themselves, also, the reality that that individual had
“turned into a snake.”

It is real, and it also is simply the product of mental projection. It is
one and the same thing.

Q:  According to the book there were some who knew who he was and welcomed
him, and others who saw him as the snake.

B:  Yes.

Q:  How do you…

B:  Recognize an idea that you find to occur, more often than not in your
dream reality, where someone or something will have an appearance /not/ like
what you are familiar with, but you will /still/ recognize them.

Q:  All right. This is the part where I see that there is so much in
/this/ dream that we are not aware of.

B:  /You/ are, are you not?

Q:  Well…

B:  You are talking about it, are you not?

Q:  Okay, but don’t know that I could project something like that.

B:  But perhaps that simply does not serve your purpose. If it became
paramount to your purpose, you could; but recognize, it does not matter.
The idea behind it is that if you simply find that if that is the reality
you need to experience, it doesn’t necessarily include that others in your
shared reality need to experience that portion of it.

Q:  So the Indians shared their reality together, in this certain instance?

B:  Yes, just like you are sharing the reality now, that you are in what
you call a “house.”

Q:  Could I share a reality with a group of people I felt intense about,
who are outside of Earth reality? And could it be only through dreams or
could it be something in between…?

B:  One more time…

Q:  I know… (Laughing) … I heard it, I understand.

B:  That /is/ what you are doing.

Q:  Okay.

B:  Now what you are, in our perception, requesting is the validation of
the idea that, because this is the transformational life, there are more
and more and more different definitions of reality that are becoming more
acceptable for different members to create for themselves, so… yes, you
have that validation.

Q:  Okay. Thank you.

B:  Thank you.


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