The First Step – Increase Your Frequency

As we consider how best to prepare for The Great Transition, it seems the first step is an internal step. This step is to raise your vibrational frequency. Books have been written about the impact of vibrational frequency upon the daily living of an individual and a society. The higher the frequency, the more likely the individual will evolve. If several individuals within a society have raised their vibration, the society’s vibration is raised as well from the impact of one individual with a higher frequency is said to impact the whole of the group far more than a linear calculation would anticipate.

On the frequency range, fear and guilt and anger are very low vibrations. Love and joy and compassion are very high vibrations. All other emotions and or thought energies seem to lie somewhere between. Thus, the challenge is to release fear and guilt and anger and replace those emotions with lov 111 (2)e and joy and compassion. And this shift is truly an inside job.

In the Inca prophesies surrounding 2012 and The Great Transition, it is said that the greatest struggle will be an internal struggle. And the internal struggle will be one of self mastery and of shifting beliefs and perceptions. It is this shifting of beliefs and perceptions which will allow for the shifting of the Universal frequencies. When one individual intentionally makes a shift, they naturally raise the frequency of everyone with whom they come in contact.

You could decide that you will allow others to make the shift, to challenge their beliefs and perceptions and simply be swept away by their decisions and choices. Or, you could begin to step into your own knowing and begin your own frequency shift. And, as this process is an inside job, the Angelic Realm highly recommends you begin with yourself.

The Angelic Realm highly recommends you begin by recognizing the places where you hold fear’ the moments and thoughts which cause you to feel guilt; the situations which create an anger response from you. And yes, the statement of creating an anger response is correct. The situations is not what creates the anger, your response is what creates the anger. And your feelings of anger and guilt and fear are all based upon your beliefs that the situations and moments ‘should’ or ‘are appropriate’ to create fear and anger and guilt.

Journal these moments as you live them. Stop, integrate the awareness, and then when you are in a quiet place, reflect upon and write about your perceptions of the underlying beliefs which create your response. Meditate and write. And begin to shift from fear and guilt and anger.

As you begin to shift from fear and guilt and anger, those emotions which are of the lower frequency range, replace them with the emotions of love and joy and compassion. It is this shift from fear and anger and guilt to joy and love and compassion that creates the shift in your frequency.

It is this shift of perspective, of viewing life differently, that creates the shift in your frequency; that creates the different results – the more positive and joyful results you are seeking.

Journal your thoughts when you are feeling fear. Consider how else you might look at the situation. What might you be assuming incorrect and that, through your continual assuming, will occur? What might you change in your assumptions? Shift the feeling from fear to joy.

Journal your thoughts when you are feeling guilt. Consider how else you might look at the situation. What are you feeling111 (3) guilty about? Does the other individual even remember the event that is creating your guilt? Or are you simply carrying it around for the heck of it? Now, consider releasing the guilt and allowing in feelings of compassion. Shift the experience from guilt to compassion.

Journal your thoughts when you are feeling anger. Consider how else you might look at the situation. Is the individual who assisted you in creating the anger scenario even in the situation? Do they even remember? Or, is this emotion you are maintaining only impacting your perspective on the world, your life? Then consider releasing the feelings of anger and transition the energy to love. The two are but different sides of the same emotional coin – only one carries a very low frequency and the other a high frequency.

Shift your frequency – Shift your perspective – Shift your life experience.

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