Prometheus’ Hidden Message

NP: Prometheus and the Engineers of Mankind

By James W. Astrada


Hollywood has been extremely busy this summer with their alien movie franchises.  It seems the theme that most are clinging to is the direct threat to the extinction of the human race.  Whether Will Smith is traveling back through time to save his old friend Tommy Lee Jones and the planet from being invaded, engaging aliens from the Gliese 581 system on water in Battleship, to searching for our creators in the Zeta Reticulum system in Prometheus; all point to an elaborate message given to the people of Earth.  Especially nearing the halfway point of 2012, lots of speculation on whether the infamous Nibiru star will come to end us in up for grabs.  Many critics are shying away from the fact that there is an actual plot involving aliens and that this will all clear up at the end of the year when nothing happens.  Why the frequency of alien movies as to warn the public that a transition is heading our way?

Hollywood is known to deliver their message as entertainment to the public as a method of studying the reaction concerning extraterrestrial phenomena (e.g. flying saucers, alien encounters, abductions, etc.).  Most of the movies portray aliens as regressive and dangerous looking to end our species due to us being an obstacle.  In Prometheus, Ridley Scott displayed to us the engineers of our race who created us through sacrificing one of their own to mix his DNA with the water of planet Earth.  Through his elaborate and painful sacrifice, all life on Earth was able to spawn into many distinct forms and eventually create the one mistake the engineers regretted: humans.  Scott portrayed the aliens as inimical to humans especially when viewing their long trek to the Zeta Reticulum system in search for answers.  Elizabeth Shaw (the main protagonist) and her husband discovered their miraculous find of ancient ruins/drawings displaying the star system made famous by Betty/Barney Hill abduction case in 1961.

In the beginning of the film, the doctors both exclaimed that all ancient civilizations displayed the same drawings even though they did not have contact with each other.  Our obvious curiosity was answered as they made the voyage to find that the plan by the engineers was to wipe out the human race.  The only problem was that their other creation overpowered them and wiped out all engineers stationed on that moon.  An attempt to question the only surviving engineer in cryostasis left all of the crew dead and Shaw running back to safety.  Shaw’s initial question of why did they want us dead is the most pertinent one yet.

I have repeated over and over that humans are destroying the environment around them for a higher standard of living and for human progress.  Have our creators/engineers grown tired of our adolescent and careless attitude towards the way life is viewed in the universe?  Is Hollywood trying to send a message of change before something/someone does it for us?  A program developed in 1953 called the CIA Psychological Strategy Board was created to utilize the movie industry as an “education program” about UFOs in case of actual contact in the future.  With this use of propaganda the government could in turn allow the public to willingly surrender their “freedom” when the “hostile invaders” descended upon Earth.  Using the national security angle, the government would be in complete control and instill radical policies to form what some believe as the “one world government” agenda with Illuminati control.  Many hopefuls doubt that aliens are indeed hostile and that the government is presenting this angle as way to control the public if this scenario ever took place.  The idea whether aliens are benign or regressive is entirely left to speculation unless direct contact is made.  There have been reports of abductions were the victims have claimed experimentation was done; however, this could be for research purposes on humans.

There is no doubt that Hollywood is conditioning the public to view alien phenomena as a threat to humanity even adding comedy as seen in MIB III.  What the reason for this move is left to speculation; however Alex Jones may have exposed the Hollywood’s purpose for these acts.  Recently, Alex Jones critiqued the film Prometheus and the connection to the Illuminati by stating that the movie displayed evidence of “a revelation of the method revealing the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion.”  According to Jones, the Illuminati control the Earth and all of its inhabitants.  Jones made some valid points concerning the plot of the movie especially mentioning the super race of “immortal genetic engineers” who wanted to “rewrite the Earth when meddling humans stumble into the magician’s laboratory as they are punished for their trespass.”  This could be believable since humans are pushing for space exploration to colonize other planets for financial and progress.  The idea that aliens wish in terraforming Earth is not so “alien” since Mars One plans to start with Mars in 2023.   Jones focused his wrath on the Illuminati and how their established godhood originated from their alien creators which gave them the rites to control and dominate the rest of humanity.  He ties the dark themes of Prometheus with the fact that the quest for eternity (as seen by Peter Weyland) and power (David 8) are only bestowed to a certain group of descendants (from the stars) with a higher intelligence to control the affairs of “common man.”  The ancient alien theory has shown that we in fact have been visited in the past by many extraterrestrial beings that have left their mark in history as depicted by ancient civilizations.  Most civilizations like Sumer and the Aztecs describe their creators as destructive, and upon their return many will perish in judgment (not pertaining to the Judeo-Christian myths).  If the engineers could be compared to the Annunaki (Sumer’s genetic creators), then human beings were only considered slaves for mining gold for transport to the planet Nibiru.

Hollywood may be depicting the true nature of the gods (aliens) that we so anxiously wait to grace us with their presence.  Prometheus is another way that Scott is reaching out to display that perhaps all of our fears and concerns may be a reality.  Perhaps we were a genetic mishap accidently created when the engineers planned for their perfect model of life.  They may be coming back to resolve their mistake(s) and start over as a scientist would with a new sample and petri dish.  There is no doubt changes are coming and whether based on the Mayan or Sumerian prophecy, it is safe to assume this transition will not be smooth.  In the author’s opinion, the universe works in balance.  There may be other beings that have us in their favor; however reluctantly intervene as if waiting in desperation for our evolution out of our current path of self-destruction.  When David 8 spoke in Peter Weyland’s request to grant eternal life to his decaying body, the engineer reacted in a violent manner decapitating the cyborg.  Perhaps the idea of humans begging for more life enraged him seeing the results of what we have done.  Maybe the engineer is justified in wiping us out due to our current system of beliefs and methods of dealing with our environment.  When they eventually show themselves to the world in due time, hopefully we can prove them wrong and give them proof that some humans care value life and nature.  Perhaps just a few can tip the balance in favor of giving us a chance to show our true potential.  Humans have two important organs: the brain and the heart which are connected in mysterious ways than ever believed.  Along with the soul engine most of us contain within the body, we have the capacity for wonderful things.  I am a strong advocate for the spiritual engine and the brain/heart connection.  Lately, many humans seem void of emotions and feeling as they drag their way through daily activities.  I see this everyday through my interactions with various people in various places.  It seems their connection is cut off and must be fixed to grow and elevate themselves to a new evolution of understanding.  Cares, love, compassion, honesty, and understanding have all but disappeared in many human constituents that were probably given to us by our engineers.  I don’t believe in the “hold hands in a circle” delusion; however, something must be done to turn our species in another direction for growth.  If not, I fear the end of mankind is due as the engineers of our race will have to start from scratch again in order to produce the paragon of life itself.



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*Betty Hill Star Map © CLEMENTI


©James Astrada 2012

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