Rediscover Yourself in Recession!

“A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery.”

– Michael Hammer

In the wake of globalization and due to unknown economic upheaval like recession, many employees are clueless about what happened to their job and career, which is the brightest in the world till yesterday. If you stick to one skill and decided to continue in your career, you mayee  fall prey to the dangers of quicksand like recession. You will be confused with the regular statements of leaders, bankers, economic advisors across the world about recession and its impact on the society.

Companies will vanish into thin air. All jobs are gone due to reasons which are unknown to you, who is enjoying the job as if it is lifelong and one and only permanent thing in your life. Car seller will chase you and compel you to purchase car. Property agent will follow you and convince you to purchase a new villa. Your spouse will force you to buy all luxuries of life. Finally, you end up paying installments and wish to continue in your job without any break only to pay equal monthly installments. You have to work to keep up your status and stature in the Society. Though you are senior compared to others, surprisingly, you will lose your job due to recession. What is the way to come out of this menace?

The following tips may help you to save your career and survive:

• Develop your talents which were recognized by your parents and friends since your childhood. This can be your talent in music, literature, playing a musical instrument, writing poetry, athletic abilities and many more. This kind of talents will help you to survive during the disgusting days of recession.

• Though you have not shown the signs of child prodigy possessing all this kind of talents, you must develop at least one talent among these to utilize them as stress busters and have peace of mind when you cannot cope up with the incredible and inevitable hardships of life.

• Writing books on the subject which you mastered can become your alternate career, if you develop your writing skills, which may come to your rescue during your days of recession.

• Write articles in local news papers and also on websites which pay good money.

• It is highly essential to master your basics and develop teaching and training skills in your subject. Many are good at functional skills but they cannot teach theory. Some are good at theory and incredibly ineffective when it comes to functional expertise. You have to develop both which will help you tide this kind of unexpected monstrous waves of recession.

• You should shed your ego and ready to do any job irrespective of whether it is small or big, whether it suits your qualifications, experience or status in the Society. If you are good in your basics, you need not do jobs out of your expertise such as working as shop keeper, sales man or vegetable vendor.

• You have to develop the confidence to prove that ‘survival of the fittest’ theory is still valid and you are the one who can swim against mountainous tides which rise in the sea of life.

• After working as freelancer during recession with your strengths of talents and networking skills, you may transform yourself as Entrepreneur to the utter amazement of your family and friends. You will be your own master and need not look for job in your lifetime. Instead of just surviving, you can become highly successful and help others to survive.

• Never stop to hone your skills and update yourself about the possibilities of selling yourself in the market every moment. Learn to assess your market value by keeping in touch with your friends through good networking and meeting them on regular basipps. Learn related skills and go for some short term diplomas in your field of interest which will add value to your CV as well as your life.

• You have to learn at least one foreign language to create global demand for your CV.

One of my friends commented ‘there is always recession in my life. I need not worry more about this kind of unwarranted recession’. Finally, the recession is not over till you get the job.

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