Religion on Earth

Section One

Now, allow us to begin with the idea that you call religion upon your
planet.  We will begin with this idea for, in a sense, it is, I’ll say, an
offshoot of the initial condition in which humanity, upon your planet,
recognized itself as it became physical.  The diversifications that
occurred, within the recognition of self as the creator, will have been
created within the idea of separation from the creatorhood, therefore,
giving rise to all of the ideas you recognize as religion per se.

Now, approximately 25,000 of your years ago, in what you term to be
Atlantis or, in their dialect, Atalundi, you will have found that the idea
of separation of the self from the creatorhood began in earnest, though it
had appeared upon your planet before that.  You will find now, there was
the choice within the mass consciousness of that era to determine for
themselves that they were, in this way, not needing the integration of the
self to the All That Is; but that they could exercise their power directly
in such a manner as to separate themselves from the totality of All That
Is, so that they could recognize themselves in a more, I’ll say,
personalized way as being the creator.  This stemmed from the projection of
spirit into material form.  As it continued, as spirit continued to project
into material form, it found that the idea of material form, in and of
itself, was the definition of separation, limitation to a certain degree.
Thus, the more spirit experienced the idea of material form or physical
reality, slowly, in a sense, but, as you say, surely, they became used to
the energy patterns.

They began to sense ideas, feelings, emotionalities, thoughts, beliefs that
they had heretofore not encountered within non-physicality.  They began to
create the idea of fascination with the limitation, and in so doing,
allowed themselves to become enmeshed, locked in, so that they could
experience all that there was to experience in that mode, as well as every
other mode that had been experienced within the All That Is of non-
physicality.  Thus, they became used to or, as you say, created the habit
of expressing themselves in material ways, again, through emotionality and
thought and belief, rather than knowingness.

Once they had formed this habit, to a certain degree, they found that the
separation became somewhat complete, and they were, to some degree, locked
off from their own knowingness, and therefore, found that they created a
physical cycle that you call reincarnation.  They became embedded in the
energy fields of the earth, in a sense.  They became a part of its
consciousness; it became a part of your consciousness; their consciousness.

In this way, they found themselves now to be of the vibration of Earth, and
because of the particular concentration in which your area of space and
time is actuated, is realized, they found that the intensity of this
concentration of energy kept them locked into the immediate rings, layers,
or cycles of energy surrounding the planet and, as such, found themselves
unable, once again, due to their fascination, unable to break from those
rings, those cycles, without integration.  Thus, they created for
themselves, for yourselves, the idea of the reincarnational path.

Now, the emergence into physical reality was begun much longer ago in your
time than 25,000 of your years; but there was still, in the beginning, some
realization of the connection to the knowing self, and thus, many realities
were created upon your planet, many manipulations of matter and energy
which, to some degree, still manifested the idea of, as you say, heaven or
paradise on Earth.  After the repetition of cycles had gotten to a point
when beings lost sight of their inner selves, they deemed that to gain it
back they must gain mastery and control over their environment and the
other beings around them.  Because they could no longer sense the
connection between them, they felt that they were not connected.  In order
to perpetuate a connection, they felt it necessary to create the idea of
domination of those they saw around them and their environment, because
they could no longer sense the natural connection which existed within

In this way, you have thus the beginning of the idea of the formation of
information.  The idea of being able to harbor ideas which are not a part
of the whole and pass them off, as you will, as things which are beneficial
for individuals, but which only bring certain individuals under the control
and domination of others, so that they can experience their own self-growth
and aggrandizement in a way that allows them, since they now feel
powerless, to feel powerful; but it is, in that way, still the illusion of
physical reality.

Now, both the idea of religion, and to some degree government, is created
from this separation, from the idea that stories, ideas, can be created and
perpetuated that have not to do with the connection between things, but
with those things that can be hidden, separated from, judged upon.  And in
this way, individuals thus found themselves creating the cycle of giving
their power over to others who could protect them from the things they told
them existed, which these other individuals had no way of knowing whether
it was true or not.  You will find this repetition has occurred again and
again and again, throughout this cycle of your 25,000 years, in many
different forms.

Even when the interjection of higher consciousness from other
dimensionalities occurred, such as, in your terms, the Christ
consciousness, the cycle of separation was so complete that still these
interjections were not understood.  The messages that were given usually
amounted to the idea that each individual was like unto the Christ
consciousness, was the Christ consciousness.  But the cycle of separation
had ingrained a habit so deep in your mentality, and fortified and
rigidized the mentality itself to such an extent that the only way these
messages could be heard was in the fashion of, again, giving over the power
to the individual and becoming followers rather than doers, rather than
leaders themselves.

Recognize that the Christ consciousness never desired to be a leader, never
desired leadership.  It desired to be a reflection through that individual,
Jesus, in such a way as to reflect the idea that every individual is an
extension or, if you wish, a son or daughter of the All That Is or God.

Recognize therefore, that all the ideas that you call religion, that seek
to deem that the congregations are such as to need leadership, as to be
worth less than the idea of the divinity, as to be judged by the idea of
the divinity, will all be separations within All That Is.  These ideas you
call religion will all be the giving away of the power that you are to
other individuals who, either through helplessness, fear, judgment, or self-
aggrandizement, would have you wish to maintain their feeling of
powerfulness in the midst of their, I’ll say, unconscious feelings of
powerlessness; because it is their true belief about themselves that they
are worthless and not a part, separated from the divinity that is their
right, that is everyone’s right, to know that he or she actually is.  Thus,
you find that the conglomeration, the multitude of religions will always be
a natural result of the confusion that stems from the separation of the
self from the All That Is, that the self knows itself to be.

When knowing is forsaken, and only the personalities, the mechanisms by
which the philosophies are presented into physical reality, only when the
philosophies are allowed to be interpreted only by the mentality, do you
create such a diversification of point of view. Now, understand that this
is not a judgment against the idea that this was created.  Your
civilization has chosen, the consciousness of your civilization has chosen
as a group to explore all of the different manifestations of negativity
through separation of the self from the All That Is.  This is one of the
great creations within All That Is, and is, in and of itself, a valid
expression, if for no other reason than the fact that All That Is can view
itself in that way.

Recognize that All That Is needs no ultimate purpose to express itself in
any way that it can; simply because it can, it will do so.  This is one of
the definitions of existence itself.  That which has existed before the
idea of a purpose does not need a purpose to continue to exist in any way,
shape, or form that it can exist, simply because it can.

Recognize therefore, that the integrations, the shiftings and changes that
are now taking place within your religious institutions, your governmental
institutions, your sociological institutions are all taking place because
you are now at the end of your cycle of separation begun 25,000 of your
years ago, and are now understanding yourself to be one idea, one
homogeneous reality, one energy, one consciousness, and are beginning to
take back your fear, take back your responsibility for having created your
lives.  You are beginning to reawaken to that time when you projected
yourselves into physical materiality and rendered yourselves unto the
system of the reincarnational aspects of your planet.  You are now
awakening to your original agreements, and you are now beginning to realize
that all of your separations, all of your religions, which would have you
become a follower, worth less than the divinity that you are, not worthy of
already knowing yourself to be whole and complete and not in need of saving
from anything; you are now beginning to recognize yourselves the true core
self that you are, the true core self that All That Is created you to be.

Now, all of the ideas of saviors, whether Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or
whatever other labels you wish to ascribe to these consciousnesses that
have manifested physically upon your planet, all of them in their higher
aspects are in accord.  There are no discrepancies in the energy of the
initial consciousness that is represented through all those ideas you call
saviors; but recognize that the first thing a savior knows is that they are
not here to save anyone.  There is no saving that needs to be done.  Any
discrepancies which you find in your literature is all a product of the
personalities that existed within your civilizations, and their
interpretations, through their own philosophies, of what those beings
meant.   All your literature and any seeming discrepancies are the product
of the philosophies being expressed through the personalities that existed
at the time the information was delivered.

In this way, again, it has served a purpose, for you now have a background
against which to measure the totality of yourself in the expression of the
negative separation of yourself from All That Is. Recognize therefore, that
without judging any other religion, or your own, or yourself, you can allow
each and every one of your beings to begin to live the ideas that your
supposed saviors told you to live.  Not to follow them, but to listen to
your inner beings, and to recognize that these ideas and foundations that
you call religions and government, government, in one sense, being another
type of religion, to a certain degree, in that you are giving over your
fear and your power to a greater power, so to speak, in your eyes, to take
care of you, to fend for you, to keep all the things you are afraid of away
from your door, to keep you safe, to give you everlasting peace, comfort
and security; these institutions were created out of you lack of
willingness to take your own fear and your own responsibility.  Then they,
like any consciousness, once created out of fear, will want to sustain
themselves.  And if they were created out of fear, the only methodology
they have of sustaining their existence is to create more fear, to keep you
separate from yourselves in this way, to keep you thinking and believing
that you are less, and worth less in the eyes of a greater power, that you
are children unable to run your own lives, unable to take responsibility
for yourselves.

Now understand, though you may allow yourselves to create organizational
systems, they will not run your lives.  It will be a service provided to
you by beings that are willing to be of service; not to have you serve
them, not to have you inflate their sense of superiority so that they can
bolster within themselves a feeling of powerfulness, so they do not have to
recognize the belief that exists within themselves of their powerlessness.

Take back your power.  Allow yourselves to know yourselves to be your
governments, to be your religions.  You are every one of these concepts in
your society.  You are your own priests, for surely as you listen to your
sermons and go on your way, you are only creating those sermons for
yourself in your head.  That which you choose to remember, it becomes the
portion of each and every one of you that is the priest within you, that
reminds yourself over and over again, if you choose to accept it, that you
are not worthy, that you are somehow less than the divinity which created
you.  Understand that the divinity that created you does not think you are
less.  It knows what you are. It knows itself to be its own consciousness,
but also recognizes itself to be the compilation of all of your own
consciousnesses and, as such, recognizes the idea of the relationship
between you.  It is that relationship between the polarities of the one
unbroken wholeness and the multitude of consciousnesses that go into making
it up.  It is the relationship itself that exists and defines the idea of
the multitude and the singular God.  The relationship actually is your own
fear and your own responsibility.   All That Is; it is what you are.  You
are the relationship.

All of your religions, all of your ideas of separation, can dissolve within
this one idea, can merge, blend, and meld into an understanding, a
knowingness that you had many, many, many, many hundreds of thousands of
your years ago.  Even though you did choose to exist within the physical
reality and the reincarnational cycle, you can still know yourselves in
this way.  That has been always, first and foremost, the main message of
all of your saviors, of all of your messengers: know yourself, and in
knowing yourself, you will know God, you will know All That Is.

We will, thus, also point out that all of your literature in your religions
will not compromise nor comprise the ideas that were spoken of in full, in
any aspect.  There is no complete record of all that was said by any
messenger, only pieces, scant memories, sketchy recordings, many times,
many years after the actual occurrence.  Recognize again, that the main
reason for all of these recordings is not so much to delineate history, but
to once again convince, or attempt to convince other individuals that this
is the way they should believe if they are to be “saved.”  Every major
religious teaching has to do with proselytizing, the winning over of
converts for the bolstering and boosting of the feeling of being powerful
to those who know and believe themselves to be powerless.

Recognize that as limited as the idea of the personality construct is in
representing your wholeness and totality of being, just as limited are all
of the perceptions that come through it, including that which you call
literature, creative though it may be, beautiful though it may be, and
perfectly representative of the ideas you have chosen to experience within,
I’ll say, the era and epic story of your creation of separation of yourself
from the All That Is through the viewpoint of your relation to the
universe, which you call religion.  This has been your saga of religion,
your view of yourself in relation to the universe; but viewed through the
perspective and philosophy of being separate from that universe.

In the next section of this chapter, we will delineate how the blending of
the knowing self will give rise to a new view of the relationship of the
self of the personality to the All That Is, and to many of the
manifestations which can take place upon your planet when you dissolve the
barriers of religion and government.

Now understand, first and foremost, none of these changes will be, in your
terms, changes of force, changes of violence, changes of hate.  No.  These
will all be changes that will occur from the unconditional love that you
are now recognizing within yourselves; that you are now recognizing comes
from All That Is to you, regardless of the idea of religion and government,
and indeed transcends all of those barriers and artificial lines and
constructs.  This blending will allow you also to understand how the ideas
you have called religion and government are yet two more aspects of the
overall all-knowing philosophy that you have filtered in so many ways
through your personalities, and will allow you to realize that there is no
/one way/, per se.  If there was only one way, there would only be one
person.  Each and every person upon your planet is all the different ways
that All That Is has of looking at itself.  Now you have viewed yourselves
through all the different facets that exist within the oneness.

In the next section of this chapter we will, as you say, attempt to enjoy
the view of your entire society and all the individuals within it from the
perspective of the unconditional wholeness and support of All That Is.  You
will find that you will be being of service to All That Is and
automatically, thus, be served by All That Is, since you are a part of it.
No more need for the separation, the need to feel that you require
salvation.  You already are salvation itself; you already are heaven; you
already are paradise.

Section Two

This being the second part, the portion dealing with the viewpoint of
integration as it is connected to the ideas of religion and government, you
will now find that when you take back your power through unconditional
love, when you begin to view yourselves as being equal to your religions,
equal to your governments, equal to the idea of yourself as All That Is,
you will begin to recognize within your society that your own divinity can
still be expressed through the personality which will exist as long as you
are physical, but in ways that will create, as you say, heaven on Earth.

You will be able to see all of the symbols that have been created in your
religions, how they actually manifest physically on your planet. You will
understand the mechanism of symbology.  You will be in touch with your own
archetypal energies.  You will feel it running through your consciousness
like an underground stream.  You will recognize it to be the energy in your
subconsciousness that has been responsible for the formation of all of the
illusions and symbols out of which this energy was utilized to create all
of these symbols to give you something to relate to, as long as you were
not considering that that which you were relating to was you, in terms of
the All That Is of creation.

When you have created this separation out of this archetypal conscious
energy, you will always pull symbology that will give you something to
reinforce the idea of separation.  This you will, first and foremost, be
able to begin to see, and it will manifest through one of the philosophies
you call psychology, as it has already begun to do so, and this is why the
ideas of psychology have begun to replace what you call religion.

Therefore, you will recognize that there are these streams of
consciousnesses that you have created in being an idea of a separated
being.  You have created separations within your consciousness into outer-
aware consciousness, unconsciousness, subconsciousness, hyper-
consciousness, mass consciousness, and all the different aspects of your

Now, in times past, yet still within the time of the 25,000 year cycle, all
of these personality aspects gave rise to the symbologies of your religious
symbology: demons, angels, visions, and so forth.  Now, not to say that
there was not consciousness nor real energy behind those manifestations;
but with your new integrated viewpoint, you will be able to understand how
many of these ideas were extensions of your own higher consciousness,
reflected back to you through the artificial personality construct, using
the archetypal energy to create a symbol that you could understand within
the separation you had created for yourself, to reinforce the fear you were
desiring to create, because you had desired to create separation from the
All That Is, the knowing you, the oneness that you are.

You have begun to utilize this idea, this tool you call psychology,
psychiatry, to understand that you have these streams of energy running
within you, and that you project these ideas from yourself onto the
interactions that you have with other consciousnesses, or other aspects of
your own consciousness.

Now understand, therefore, as an example, that you will begin to see all of
the plays, all of the playing out of lives, manifestations of the supposed
saviors were more than just physical manifestations, they were also psychic
manifestations and operated on many different levels of existence, not just
the physical.

In this way, you will begin to realize the relationships between different
aspects of one consciousness.  As we have said, for example, the idea of
the Christ consciousness, not only manifesting as it was through the idea
of the man you call Jesus, but also through what you term to be Elijah,
John the Baptist and Judas, forming in one particular overlapping life the
threesome of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Judas, a triad, a trio of players
actually stemming from the same consciousness.   And Elijah, the town
crier, who came before, as you say, prophesying it all to pave the way for
the play that could be acted out to allow there to be a multitudinous, many-
faceted, mirror image crystal to reflect all the different aspects of the
archetypal energies that the people of the time were creating for
themselves in their play of separation from the All That Is.

These things you will begin to see: the relationships, the connections, the
underlying patterns of synchronicity that have occurred throughout these
cycles of separation that always have been there, always have been the
obvious links, but have not been seen due to the separation of vision, and
the limitation placed thereon upon these personalities that you have
created.  You have, as you have said many times, been seeing through a
glass darkly.

Now you are clearing yourselves.  You are becoming clairvoyant in your own
lives; that is clear seeing.  And thus, while you have the idea of
psychology and psychiatry, now you have the idea of psychicness also rising
to the surface, because you are allowing yourselves to know you are in
constant communication with all aspects of yourself and all aspects of
consciousness, no matter where or when they may be.  This is the psychic
side that creates the polarity of the same energy that gives rise to
psychiatry.  Psychicness, psychiatry: the same energy in a polarity
viewpoint.  You will always have polarity as long as you create yourself to
be physical, and this will be the next aspect that you will understand:
polarity as one of the definitions of physical reality.

Understand how this simple integration of the viewpoint of the blending of
yourselves, of the being of yourselves to be All That Is, has already taken
many, many magnitudes of steps away from the concept you call religion, and
thus, is already beginning to lay the foundations of exactly how this
energy will blend into all the other disciplines upon your planet.  As we
will take them a chapter at a time, you will see how they all key in, and
the foundations are formed right here in this particular aspect; the
philosophy which, in a sense, is now more purely represented by the idea of
the blended religion, simply, philosophy and its expressions of the
polarities that you will understand to define the physical reality.  Thus,
the first polarity that you are experiencing as the offshoot of religion
is, again, as we have said, psychicness and psychiatry.  In much the same
way you will find that atomic structure gives rise to the diversification
of particles out of a nebulous idea of an atom.

As you and your society learn to define the nature of reality with more and
more awareness, more and more precision, in a sense, in the same manner you
will find that these ideas of the polarities of psychicness and psychiatry
are like unto those more precise atomic components that rise out of the
nebulousness of the idea of religion, in the same manner as the particles
do out of the nebulousness of the overall idea of a simple atom.

Now, though you may find, at first, that the seeming array of polarities or
particles, to continue the analogy, may create more confusion rather than
simplification, as you are now finding in your physics; you will also find
in your methodologies of looking at yourself and your philosophies that you
will approach a basic understanding within the idea of the energies of the
polarities themselves, of the idea of polarity itself, in the same manner
that your physicists are approaching a basic point of view that they call
“unified field.”  In this way, there is a direct correlation in this
analogy, by noting that both psychicness and psychiatry will be components,
polarized components, which stem from a more unified field or philosophy.
And it is this idea, this foundation, perspective, which will be
responsible for not only unifying and blending all of your sociological
philosophies or aspects, but also those you call scientific, economic.

Therefore, as we have said, you will find that in any discipline, once you
begin to employ the aspect of integration in your perspective, in your
viewpoint, very quickly it will move away from the initial concept that was
created within separation, losing many of the earmarks of that particular
discipline.  Therefore, psychicness and psychiatry will first lose the
earmarks of religion that deal with being at the mercy of outside forces:
being judged.  You will find that both psychicness and psychiatry are
attempts to understand the self and the self’s relation, the personality’s
relation to the All That Is.  From the initial step of taking back power,
of gaining control, or rather knowing that you have control already of
every aspect of your life.  It is your responsibility as an individual and
a collective to /know/ that this control that you have is something you can
use as a tool to make your society what you wish it to be, no longer at the
mercy of little understood outside forces, judgments, and irrational acts
of some mythical God or Goddess, or gods.

Understand that when we use the term God, we are referring to all of the
limited definitions that your society has created. In our concept, we
simply refer to the idea of creation as All That Is, which covers every
thing and is everything, and indicates that All That Is knows it is All
That Is.

Recognize that the previous definitions from the limited terminology, out
of which these terms God, Goddess, gods have come, many times will still
impose upon the idea of All That Is some sort of limitation in that it will
give rise to contradictions such as: “God is Omnipotent, yet somehow,
still, God is not me, outside of me.  I am outside of God.” By definition,
if God is everywhere, everything, then you are not outside God.  God is not
outside you.  You are God.  God is you by definition.  Thus we prefer the
term All That Is.  It is not, in this way, so limiting; for somehow, out of
the separation, you have created the idea that even though God can be
omnipotent, it can still, somehow, not be contained within you.

Thus, in the blending you will also see that your definitions are also
limiting and only reflective of the limited aspects you have heretofore
deemed to be worthy to look at, that you have deemed to be, I’ll say, safe
to view.  As long as you are creating and generating the idea of fear,
certain aspects of your personality, certain aspects of your beliefs,
certain aspects of your emotionality, certain aspects of your mentality
will be considered to be unsafe; as they would always, when blended
together, give rise to what, in your past, would be heresy.  Heresy is a
reference to a society’s reaction to realizations that may occur within an
individual that, perhaps, will represent aspects of the list that your
society had not considered before to be real.  The idea that you, somehow,
were connected in a more basic fundamental way to the All That Is, in this
way, goes against the grain of separatism that had been for so long the
canon of all your religions, and all your teachings.

Thus, polarity itself will simply be seen from your new viewpoint, your
blended viewpoint, to be one of the definitions of physical reality, as
will time and space.  In this way, you will find that religion, when viewed
from a blended viewpoint, will lose its qualities of separatism and will
begin to take on more and more aspects, and point more in the direction of
the idea that you have created, in your society, that you call science, and
this is why it will lead us directly into the idea of your next chapter,
which will be “Science.”

We will then, again, explore how even science, being that it was created in
the era of separatism, created many ideas that still did not allow for
unification or blending with any other discipline, and kept itself aloof;
and how your science has now begun to understand that through its own
unification it will, by definition, begin to include many other disciplines
that have for a long time in your society not been considered the domain of

Now we will give, as we will at the end of each chapter, some space for
there to be asked representational questions, so as to cover, for each
subject, many of those ideas that may be lingering in the consciousness of
those who will either hear or read this material.  These questions may be
asked or, if there are no questions, you may, at the end of each chapter,
delineate, if you will, notes or comments from your own society and the
individuals thus putting together, co-creating this work with us,
associating with us in the spirit of the Association.

Thus, this portion of each chapter will give your civilization an
opportunity to become a part of the Association, as we will then, step by
step, chapter by chapter, hand in hand, form and co-create this idea of the
blending, so that your civilization, our civilization, and all of the
levels of consciousness, as we create this work, will find it to be, as you
say, a catharsis for each and every being involved.  And thus, as we begin
this work through an idea of being separate civilizations, upon its ending
there will be the opportunity to begin to view that we are all one
civilization working hand-in-hand, exploring together, forming new ideas of
ourselves with each other, and giving ourselves the opportunity to
recognize that much more of All That Is that we each have to explore within
us; the “new religion” if you will; but no religion will it be.

We will now proceed with the sharing and the questions and interactions
pertaining to this subject:

Dr. Chandley:  From your point of view, what is the common denominator and
direction, if any, of all religions as related to each of us?

The Association:  To some degree, as we have discussed, the idea of the
commonality is simply your exploration of what you are willing to believe
yourselves to be.  As long as you have created yourself to be separate from
the All That Is that you are, this exploration has taken place outside
yourselves, and so the creation of ritual to understand and reflect to
yourselves all that you can contain in your reality; but now that you are
becoming integrated, you will find that this exploration goes within, and
that the ritualized tools are no longer necessary.  Thus, each and every
one of you, recognizing yourselves to be your own path and hence, your own
religion, so to speak, will now recognize that the religion, in that form
as you have created it, is no longer necessary to understand your
relationship to yourself as All That Is.  Will this have answered your

Dr. Chandley:  Yes, in part.  What would be the most universal saving
ritual, if there was a ritual to bridge this place where we no longer need
rituals, from a religious point of view, that we could engage in to
experience increasing integration among ourselves?

The Association:  Simply the expression of unconditional love. Understand
that the underlying, supposed mode or principle behind all of what you
experience upon your planet to be your separate religions, is supposedly
that.  It is all based on the idea of the love of creation for its
creations.  Thus, you are the creator.  You are those creations.  Love
yourselves.  Love each other.  Life and love are the only so-called rituals
you need to integrate.

Dr. Chandley:  So when a person who has a question about the religious
ritual that they see themselves using, or connecting to others… what you
are saying is that that ritual is unconditional love.

The Association:  You can simply recognize that if you are questioning the
ritual you have created in your habit, that you are now assuming or
wondering whether or not you require any more, you can always recognize
that all that you have been creating the ritual for is for the purpose of
expressing the love of creation that you feel existed in the creator to
create you.  Thus, you can simply render all the habitual rituals down to
the expression of unconditional love.  Thus, it becomes not so much, I’ll
say, hollow ritual, but true, active sharing, and you will see your so-
called religions actually acting themselves out upon the surface of your

Dr. Chandley:  Thank you, I have a question about a religious experience,
which is a bit different from the idea of religions.  Could you comment on
the idea of the oneness of the religious experience, and the differences in
the cultural expression of that experience?

The Association:  Now, to some degree, we just have.  The idea of the
oneness is the recognition, the base idea recognition of the oneness that
you all are.  You are all exploring the same idea from different points of
view.  The different points of view simply exist because there are
different individuals.  It is a recognition, an allowing recognition, if
you will, created that way, that there is not just one path in
understanding yourself as All That Is.  If there were only one path, there
would only be one person.  Because there is more than one person, you can
recognize that there are many, many roads that all lead to the same

Dr. Chandley:  Thank you.  Then, from your point of view, the question
about the common denominator and direction of all prophecies as they relate
to each of us is the same.

The Association:  To some degree, although once again recognize, in our
perception there is really no such thing as a prediction, prophecy of the
future; it is a sensing of the energy which exists at the time the
prediction is made.  Now, those that deal with the idea of mass
consciousness, of which the idea of religion is greatly contained therein,
the idea of the mass civilization, you will find that the senses of the
direction in which this energy will flow will have been accurate; but in
this way, many interpretations placed upon the prophecies will have to do
with the idea of exactly the methodology by which you will come to the
understanding of yourselves as All That Is.

In times that were deep into the separation of yourself from the All That
Is that you are, these ideas of integration were viewed as straying from
the so-called trueness of one particular religion that was being put forth.
And thus, this integration now occurring upon your planet was seen to be
something they called evil.  Therefore, you will simply be able to
recognize that all the prophecies, so to speak, are all saying the same
thing, that you are integrating, that this is an age of transformation,
which you are going to shift into a new idea of yourself.  But all the
different ideas that have to do with judgment, Armageddon, rebukement, and
all of the ideas of separation, the idea that you have to struggle, go
through trial by fire in order to deserve living in harmony and peace, are
all products of the viewpoints of the time in which the prophecies were

Dr. Chandley:  Is that idea also relevant to, say, the prophecies of

The Association:  To some degree, yes.  There is no such thing as a
prediction of the future.  That prediction is simply a sensing, made in the
present, of the energy that exists at the time the prediction is made, that
is the most likely, probable future to manifest if the energy does not
change.  Many times, the prediction, by being known, will, in and of
itself, render itself obsolete, because now the energy is known to be
moving in a certain direction, and if the populace or the individual, now
aware of the prediction, does not prefer that the energy be in that area,
their attitude will change the amount and direction of the energy,
rendering the prophecy obsolete.

Any prediction or sensing made in a particular time frame will utilize the
understanding and the symbolic references of that time frame. If a time
frame cannot imagine transformation occurring without destruction, then
their sensing of such transformation, as is going on in your world now,
will not be able to be predicted without utilizing the symbols of

Now that you are awakening into your own self-empowerment, you have the
ability to realize, real-ize that you can create transformation in a de-
structurizing way without creating it to be destruction.

We thank you for the sharing of your questions, and allow us to remind you
that when you create the idea of questions, it is only that you already
contain the answers.  The form of the question will simply be that you have
separated this idea of the answer you already contain from your knowledge.
However, in this way, once again, we thank you for the willingness to
express your explorations, for your civilization and our civilization is
the sharing that continues forever.

Dr. Chandley:  Thank you.

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