By Elizabeth Aron

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of its kinds in its genre of books. It is the diary of a thirteen year old girl which was recovered by her father Otto Frank after World War II and he published it as per her wish. It’s the record of events and experiences of Anne Frank’s life starting from June 1942-August 1944 and they mainly revolve around the family’s stay in the ‘Secret Annexure‘ -their hiding place for little more than two years in order to escape the dreadful Nazi concentration camps.

The writing of this teenager is so lucid and realistic that any young mind would be able to relate quite well as to what she goes through as she grows from being a child to a teenager. Her painful journey is well captured as she struggles to get adjusted to her confinement in the annexure along with her father’s friend family. Her genuine feelings about her doubts and fears of growing up and being found in hiding at any moment of time by the Germans, strikes a chord in the minds of the reader. Her aspirations and dreams for her future along with her self confidence makes one admire her for what she is, an ordinary teenager still extraordinary in her own way!


The qualities of a talented budding writer is very much evident from the expressive and bold style of Anne’s writing even in her diary of personal record. It is indeed sad we will never get to experience more from such talent which grossly also reminds us of many such exemplary talent that has gone undiscovered forever.

It’s very interesting and amusing the ways and lengths they go to for trying to keep themselves occupied even in the annexure at such terrible times. The very act of living in hiding and managing to lead a normal life presents such a tough challenge to both the families.

This poignant moving record would be just one example of the tragic fate meted out to a Jewish family amongst so many others which would never have got reported and Anne Frank became one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust ever.

So go ahead and read the book to get an insight of a Jewish family life during the second world war which is just tip of the ice-berg of what millions of families went through during the terrible time!

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