Scary Facts for Halloween

The Halloween Rebound: SCARY Facts You Should Know!

And How Mitch Spinach Books For Children Can Help You & Your Family
by: Hillary Feerick

According to the census bureau, Americans eat nearly a half a pound of candy each week for an average of 25 pounds of candy a year. The concentrated intake of sweets and sugary drinks on Halloween and other holidays sets our children up for disease. The fact is that junk food of all types suppresses our children’s immune systems, creates sugar highs and lows (and the resultant behavior), and promotes childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Furthermore, when our children eat junk food and don’t eat fruits and vegetables, the groundwork is laid for cancer and other diseases down the road.

What children eat in the first ten years of their lives is of the utmost importance because a child’s growing body, with its rapidly dividing cells, is at a greater risk when exposed to all types of negative and toxic influences. As Joel Fuhrman M.D., one of the nation’s top nutrition experts, puts it “in adults, our genetic material (DNA) is wound up in a tight ball, like rubber bands on the inside of a golf ball. When we are young and cells are replicating and growing, the DNA unwinds, exposing more of its surface, which makes it more susceptible to toxic or harmful exposures.”

Here are some SCARY statistics:

• The World Health Organization has stated that processed food and drinks are a larger threat to world health than smoking and illegal drugs.

• The Center for Disease Control (CDC) predicts that our present generation of children will be the first to live shorter life spans than their parents.

• 1 in 3 children in America are overweight, and the problem is growing. The number of children who are overweight has more than doubled during the past decade.

• The trans-fats found in many Halloween chocolates and candy bars, such as snickers and tootsie rolls, clog the arteries and lead to heart disease, cancer, and the degeneration of joints and tendons.

• The Center For Science in The Public Interest (CSPI) says the food dyes Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 found in sugary candies, such as skittles and smarties, present “a rainbow of risks,” and can cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and even cancer. Another dye, Red 3, has been identified as a carcinogen even by the FDA but is still in commercial use.


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With Thanksgiving and the December holidays looming in the near future, make the decision to make this holiday season the healthiest yet. Start introducing nutrient dense colorful foods—fruits and vegetables full of carotenoids that give them their natural pigments. Instead of orange dye, eat fruits and vegetables rich in carotene; instead of Red 40, eat tomatoes for the lycopene they contain that gives them their red pigment; instead of green monster candies, eat dinosaur kale, full of lutein, the green pigment in all green veggies.

This year do yourself and your kids a favor. Limit the amount of candy you allow your kids (and yourself) on the Eve of All Hollows, and on November 1st, THROW OUT THE CANDY!

For help with getting your kids to want to eat naturally colorful, power-packed foods, let us be the first to introduce you to the new, healthy super-kid on the scene, Mitch Spinach. These books for children contain colorful illustrations and multicultural characters, and introduces Mitch Spinach, a smart, cool role model who gains super powers from the nutritious plant foods he eats and solves exciting mysteries at Sunchoke Elementary. These kids books are geared towards children ages 3-10. The first book in the series, The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach, is unique because it prompts kids to eat healthy foods independently. As my parents know, children don’t liked to be lectured to about healthy eating and food pyramids and charts don’t exactly do the trick. What is the best way to introduce a concept to an elementary school child? Through a story of course.

Mitch Spinach seems to be an ordinary kid, but his classmates have begun to suspect something. The notes in his custom-made, temperature-controlled Nutripak lunchbox appear to have been written in code. While other kids eat their usual chicken fingers and pepperoni pizza, Mitch Spinach mixes up his meal in a battery-powered blender before their curious and envious eyes. Although he is the smartest, nicest, strongest kid in Ms. Radicchio’s class, he often misses recess when he is called to Principal Lycopene’s office. The truth is that his high-powered fruit and vegetable smoothies give him special powers, such as super-sonic hearing and amazing night vision, which help him tackle problems and solve mysteries at Sunchoke Elementary.

The Mitch Spinach books for children also include an additional Secrets For Parents and Teachers section, written in collaboration with Dr Fuhrman, as well as bonus recipes. Dr. Fuhrman presides over the nutritional and medical aspects of the Mitch Spinach mission, ensuring that the information presented in the book and on the website are based on sound medical and nutritional evidence.

Oh, and, by the way, the website is really cool! It contains more nutrition facts, recipes, and fun, educational games and is a great resource for parents, kids, and educators. To learn more and buy the Mitch Spinach books visit

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