The very title of this article should give you an indication as to what the budding hairstylist should be trying to emulate as they make their cuts with their scissors and taper with their comb. As when the sword makes its cuts with accuracy and grace, the shield guards and prevents and will participate in conjunction with the sword when necessary.

When in the mode of hair creature, the hairstylist must be able to wield their scissor blades with finesse and have mastery over tdownload (1)heir comb to compliment. Similarly as to when the most able knights get to work for the King, the elite hairstylist gets to work for the top salon. There is a Japanese word called “Katsujinken” which means life giving sword or sword of life. A word which I feel has much relevance to my current topic. Because as hairstylists, we not only give life to the hair by maintaining it, we also give our clients at that moment in time a zest for life.

Scissors are hand operated cutting tools with tapered metal blades connected in such a way that the blades meet and cut. Scissors come in a wide variety of angles and shapes depending on their intended use. Can you see the comparison with the sword? A comb is a device made of solid material, generally flat in shape. Can you see the comparison with the shield? Scissors and combs are among the oldest tools found by archaeologists, much like the sword and shield.

As the knights do battle and return home victorious, so does the stylist (male and female alike) have to do battle with the hair and create a masterpiece. An inspired stylist is an elite stylist.

Karl Powell is a freelance hairstylist who not only enjoys creating his own hairstyling magic, he is also fascinated by the way this art of scissors and comb raises a person’s good feeling about them self, just from 1 hairstyle creation. He feels, this art that we hold in our hands, is a gift of self-esteem to our clients. If you would like to read more related articles and learn more about professional hairstyling visit [].

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