Segal’s Law – The Importance of Finding That One Thing

Segal’s Law states this:

A man with one watch always knows what time it is.A man with two watches is never sure.

Many have heard this before reading it here. What does it mean, though?

In a nut shell, it means that when one pursues more than one goal or aim, he rarely achieve either. One’s efforts become too dissipated and he rarely (or never) allows himself to focus on just one thing – quite possibly the one thing that would make for him his fortune.

All of us have talents and skills, wants and needs, goals and desires. That is normal that is what makes us a human being. If we look around us, though, and look at those who achieve and attain, we will notice a startling thing. That thing is the fact that those who attain massive success, achieve that success in one thing – one specific thing.

Bill Gates achieved his success in the computer industry. Rush Limbaugh attained money and fame through radio. Tiger Woods mastered the game of golf and succeeded massively.

One thing. These people – and others like them – took one thing and ran with it. They ran with it until they achieved all of their goals.

Most of us fritter our time and talents by leaping from one toad stool to another. We never settle on any one. We jump around like lost frogs looking for the next fly to eat.

The smart frog, on the other hand, finds his place and lets the flies come to him. And come they do!

It has been postulated, and in my experience proven very true, that it takes ten years of doing something before any kind of success or mastery is to be attained. A person studying for a black belt in karate will study that long before they attain that vaunted level of skill. Microsoft went public as a company in 1986 and it grew through the nineties, but not until the later ha iilf of that decade did Microsoft really become a household name.

It takes time and patience and persistence – and more than a little perspiration – to achieve a goal.

What many find the most difficult, though, is finding just that one thing to do.

The greats were in many ways most fortunate because they found their passion early. Tiger Woods, Ludwig Von Beethoven, and others like them began studying their crafts while exceptionally young. That is one answer as to why they were hyper-successful.

That begs the question, if one is getting off to a “late start”, does that deny him from the race?

Not at all. Albert Einstein was 26 when he published his Special Theory of Relativity. Babe Ruth was older when he became the home run king. Many CEOs and executives work many years through the ranks before they begin to see the fruits of their labors.

In other words, age is rarely of consequence.

The hardest battle one will fight with himself is deciding what that one thing is!

Take the time to discover what it is exactly you want to do. I wrote The Master Key Workbook to assist you with that “great battle”. It’s a step-by-step guide to discovering what is important to you and how to form a plan to attain it. Most people have found that once they decide definitively on something, whether that goal be tangible or intangible, it is often times easier to achieve than they thought it would be when they were merely musing and day dreaming.

A person merely “wanting a job” will often find it difficult to obtain a desirable position. The person who declares “I want to be an engineer!” will practically have their path laid out for them.

A person who wants “somiebody – anybody!” in his life will more than likely by mired in bad relationship after bad relationship. The person who takes the time to define exactly what they would like in another person will eventually find that person and enjoy a sublime happiness.

You who would like to own a prosperous business must take the time to decide what you want to trade. Once you have that, you can then form you plan. And then you implement. And then you persevere. And then you prosper. If you jump from one plan to another or one industry to another with no good reason, though, then you will never gain the traction you need that will propel you to success.

Once you have that one thing in mind, then you can put into practice what Haanel wrote in Week Seven of The Master Key System

1. Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.2. Make the pattern clear, and make it beautiful; do not be afraid – make it grand. Remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any one but yourself; you are not limited as to cost or material; draw on the In?nite for your supply, construct it in your imagination; it will have to be there before it will ever appear anywhere else.

3. Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to be.”

Decide! Decide! Decide! Find that one thing and pursue it with every fibre of your being! Don’t relent and never surrender. Time is running short. Run with your dream or else your dreams will run past you.

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