Self-Publishing – Publish a Book Today

By Kenth Nasstrom

 Why Self-Publishing?

The obvious reasons would be that its fast easy to do and very cheap. Anyone trying to publish using a big publishing company will see that it not only takes time and money to get a deal up and running, you need more than basic knowledge of the business and its rules and regulations. Leaving a publishing deal with a big publisher feeling unsatisfied is something a lot of wannabe authors have experienced.

So, instead of taking the step into the shadows of real publishing, you choose the option of self-publish your new masterpiece. You’ll get all the numbers up front and have a complete control of what happens, pricing, where to sell and the book itself. You can of course get professional help with anything involved in the self-publishing deal if you need to, but that will of course add some costs to your publishing adventure.LIFE_art_show

Become a Self-publishing Bestseller

You dream about becoming the next big, bestselling author around the world and happily self-publish your new 98page book about cactus smoothies. Soon after the release of your book to the world market you sit by your computer, late at night with all the lights out in your house, your family in bed sleeping and only the flickering light of the screen playing over your sad face as you check the sales stats showing no sales of your book.

A lot of people jump into self-publishing with the hopes and dreams of becoming the new Stephen King, only to find that the real world is much harder than they thought. Just because you can publish a book, offer it to almost every living soul on the internet, doesn’t mean you will sell any copies of it. Having this in mind can make your publishing less painful.

What can Self-Publishing Do for You?

Once you have published your book you can of course call yourself published author. Technically this is correct but the term published author used by self-publishers is something frowned upon by “real published authors” having their printed books published through a publisher. This doesn’t mean you can’t say it!

Book quality is something some may care about and others not. If you’re going for a published book and nothing more, take some written material you may already have and string your texts together using a program like OpenOffice. Once you have enough pages just slap an image of a cat on the front, give it a name, save it as a PDF and your ready to publish. No one will like the book and it will look like something the cat dragged in. This type of self published books only results in your name and reputation being connected with low quality work, and that is not a good thing.

My advice is without any doubt that you should put in some good hours of work, at least trying to create something useful. You might not have the best book out there nor the most innovative but if you at least format it well, create a table of contents, fabricate a good front page and do it all with some sense of criticism of what you’re doing, you’ll at least end up with a book readers can see you cared enough about to put in some work.

The best is of course if you can go all the way. Come up with a good idea, do research, plan the book, gather material, write and format and keep the quality up all the way through.

How to do Self-Publishing?

There are a number of sites online specializing in self-publishing. They offer you all the services you may need and can take care of your every need. Self-publish using them is so easy that anyone can do it in a matter of hours from deciding to try it out.

My advice is for you to take the step and see how it’s done. You may find that it’s even easier than you thought. And hey, who doesn’t want to call themselves, a published author!

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